Bite-Size Black Forest Cakes recipe

by Laura Marquis

Laura Marquis, owner of Naturally Healthy Desserts, is on a mission to revolutionize desserts. We met on Periscope (Find us @ignitegirlsfitness and @healthymarquis) during the 4th annual IgniteGirls Sugar Momma Challenge™ and stayed in touch even after the sugar-free online event. Her desserts almost look too pretty to eat. (I said almost!)


Lucky for us, she will be sharing some exclusive recipes from her upcoming (unreleased!) cookbook, Sweets in the Raw, this month on the IgniteGirls® blog. She will also come up with a brand spankin’ new recipe to share with us… Any guesses on what it might be?! Stay tuned for more updates on her book that will be published later this Spring.

Cake Ingredients

Whipped Cream Ingredients


For full instructions on how to make these,



11025882_1543812662551108_8740796618151232252_oAbout Laura

Laura is a small town Vermont girl who grew up playing in the kitchen with her mom and sisters and she also owns a fitness studio in San Diego, California. What started as a love of baking and a passion for health and fitness turned into a personal challenge – to merge her love for making sweet treats and living a naturally healthy lifestyle into one world. Follow her on the #NATURALLYHEALTHY Dessert Revolution! You might also recognize Laura from her Tedx Talk“Confessions of a Sugar Addict in a Sugar-Laden World” 



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