The past few months have been absolutely crazy. I, like, had a baby and stuff. Plus, throw in tube surgery for my son, Peyton, the holidays and an emergency C-section – wow. At least I’m finally getting more sleep. Hallelujah. It’s not the 8-9 hours I am used to, but I’ll take what I can get! Baby Girl Tyler makes the lack of sleep so worth it though. I love re-living the little meatball, squeaky, cuddly baby phase. She’s such a love bug!


pictured above, almost 2 weeks postpartum

C-section recovery has been great, but also has its challenges. The doctor’s best guess was that the cord was looped through her legs and pressed against her back, so I was only able to push a few times before we realized her heart rate was dropping to a dangerously low rate. Even with an oxygen mask, deep breaths and some weird positions for pushing, we weren’t able to influence the outcome and avoid a C-section. Thankfully, she came out kicking, crying and breathing! I have never been so relieved to hear a baby cry. The toughest part of a C-section was not being able to hold my little girl right away. I got to give her a quick nuzzle and kiss through tears while I was stitched up and then was wheeled into recovery where my husband sat waiting for me with Tyler in his arms. Afterwards, I couldn’t sit up or get out of bed for several hours. And despite having Tyler next to my bed, I could barely sit up to hoist her over the bassinet and into my arms to nurse. I’m grateful my parents and husband were home with me for the first week to help out with Peyton, meals and laundry. It really does take a damn village! Even after the first week, I tried to avoid going up and down stairs or lifting Peyton. Six weeks later, and I can finally keep up with him, go up and down stairs, take a bath and lift him up for snuggles.

While I was away though, I was also thinking about you. How can I better help you this year? What tools can I give you so you can reach your goals? How can I change a negative mentality to a positive one? I created IgniteGirls after I went through an eating disorder and hated what I saw in the mirror. I remember thinking that no one should ever feel this way. I felt trapped by food (bananas are too high in sugar!). By exercise (I have to burn 600 calories on the elliptical before I’m allowed to leave). And by my negative body image (I hate my thighs). My goal is for you to break this cycle.

Working out is supposed to be fun and empowering! Sure, it can totally suck at first when you feel like OMFG this is SO HARD, but it does get easier, especially when you realize you CAN do it. I promise. There are also way more important things in life than eating out of tupperware or obsessing about every calorie you eat. Counting feels a little like something from A Beautiful Mind:

I want to educate you about the food you put into your body, but I also want to encourage you to enjoy a piece of pizza or have a freakin’ cookie. Fuck calories. Fuck cardio (you know, that LONG super boring cardio that you don’t need to do unless you are training for an endurance event). And fuck doubles in the gym. Who really has time to do that? It’s not even fun when you go that often. I don’t care how much you love working out. Been there, done that.

So, I welcome you to February – a new month with a fresh start. The IgniteGirls+ members have started the month with a brand new packet of workouts and I’m sharing a few ideas for how I can help you out:

  1. Download the February accountability calendar and workout schedule. Daily fitness challenges, inspiring quotes and other fun to keep you motivated all month long.
    February 2016
  2. Try some new featured recipes! Lucky for us, Laura Marquis of Naturally Healthy Desserts, will be contributing to the February blogroll and revealing some exclusive recipes from her new book, Sweets in the Raw, launching in March. First recipe coming 2/6: Bite-Size Black Forest Cakes (pictured below)! Her website is currently under construction, but you can also find her on Instagram @naturallyhealthydesserts
    Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 5.05.10 PM
  3. Print out the free 30-day IgniteGirls workout plan. This is an actual packet the members have received, but doesn’t come with access to the video +Exercise Glossary so I would’t recommend this for beginners.
  4. Sign up for a custom nutrition plan based on your individual needs and an in-depth 1-on-1 consultation with me. This was part of an email I received this week (and probably one of the best ever): “I really have no words to express my gratitude. You have felt like a friend/confidante ever since meeting you. Your workouts, messages, and attitude inspire me every day. I challenged you every step of the way and you hung in there with me. Thank you. You. Are. The. Best. It was a game changer for me.” – IgniteGirls Custom Nutrition Plan Client
  5. Give me 7 days of your time and I’ll show you that my methods work. Download the free 7-Day Summer Skinny Plan. Over 500 women have downloaded this metabolic reset. On average, you can expect to lose 4-7 pounds, have more energy and reduce bloat.
  6. If you have 12 weeks or more, get your copy of The IgniteGirls Life nutrition plan. This 155+ page e-book comes with three progressive 4-week training phases, a complete visual exercise library with descriptions, an accountability food/training log, an exact easy-to-follow flexible meal plan for fat loss, recipes and more.
  7. Become an IgniteGirls+ member and forget worrying about what to do and when in the gym. I’ll give you everything you need in 4 workouts per week making sure you train every body part. New workouts every month. I’ve had members training with me for a few years that tell me they STILL get sore every month.

I hope a few of these help you out, or at least get you started. Say hi on Instagram and use hashtag #ignitegirlslife so I can see what you’re up to. I check in daily and I’m happy to answer any questions.


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