You were never meant to belong…

You were born to stand out.

Because you are The 1% Woman. . .

Which means you are not the 99.

You are a woman on the fringe. . . 

The Misfit.
The Rebel.
The Artist.
The Founder.
The Innovator.
The Spirited Fucking Entrepreneur.

Born to stand out

MAVERICK is an accelerated coaching program created for 6 women that are ready to map out their path to becoming a Maverick Millionaire…

Read on if you’re already making $250k+ annually and you’re ready to co-create the next evolution of success and wealth together.

We will be going deep, fast, and then we are going to ascend at accelerated speeds.

The truth is, because you are already making multiple 6 figures, it’s not going to be hard to double, or even triple, your business.

And we will do it in a way that doesn’t cost you who you are, and the way you want to build your life around your business.

6 Women. 12 Weeks. 1 Map to $1+ Million.

Born to stand out

Have you ever tried a specific business strategy before and it just hasn’t resonated?

It’s because that was someone else’s path – not yours.

Masterclasses work.
Funnels work.
Paid ads work.
Webinars work.
Live events work.

But NONE of it will ever work . . . if it doesn’t work for you.

For example, why do a masterclass if you hate doing them?

You don’t.

Inside MAVERICK, we get very clear on your exact vision & then we reverse engineer absolutely everything from there.

A MAVERICK sees things differently… and therefore she does things differently.

She’s not doing what everyone else is doing in the way they are doing it which means fuck the mind drama and trying #allthethings to reach your next level of both income and impact.

This is how you make EVEN MORE MONEY for your unique magic.

Magic is doing the thing on repeat that only you can do, and building your empire around that.


✏️You don’t want a large team and 85 weekly meetings? GREAT.

✏️You don’t want to work Fridays? AWESOME.

✏️You don’t want to do a free webinar? PERFECT.

This is exactly what we will create inside MAVERICK:

Your Map to Becoming a Maverick Millionaire.

The 1% Woman understands that this requires 3 things, in a very specific order:

#1 Vision

Knowing that you are creating something so valuable and unique that only you can build it

#2 Decision

Taking action based on your vision alone because you have made the choice to go all in despite not knowing exactly how it will come to fruition

#3 Belief

Trusting that the vision you have decided to create will be incredibly successful and divinely guided

How would your business change when you…

  • NHave the next 12 months of your business planned out?
  • NMake another 6-7+ figures in your business just by being more of you?
  • NConnect to your custom action plan to make it happen?
  • NCreate your next level evolution as a VISIONARY?
  • NBecome your million dollar self with more simplicity and joy?
  • NHave clarity about how to unlock the fullest creative expression of yourself?
  • NBreak all the rules so you can do it your way?

My guess is that…

You would feel excited and inspired about living your legacy out loud, and that you would make a lot more money doing so.

This is why the world urgently needs you to harness your magic.

And you know it’s time to create something that’s never been done before.

. . .
If you’ve made it this far, then I’ve been waiting for you.




AND it includes an in-person VIP Day with me in Atlanta, Georgia on August 22, 2022 to kick off our 12 weeks together! 


What You Can Expect Inside MAVERICK

Let’s be honest.

I can’t change your entire business in 12 weeks.

That is like telling you I can guarantee weight loss when I don’t know your diet history.

But what I CAN do… is help you identify what is really holding you back from your next level of growth, create a brand new stream of revenue and optimize what already IS working.

At the end of 12 weeks together, you will have the option to continue coaching with me if I invite you to claim one of the open spots in my EVOLUTION program. Deal?

Read on to see what magic we’re going to create together inside MAVERICK.


In-Person VIP Day

We will dive into our 12 weeks together with an in-person full day VIP immersive in Atlanta with me, including a night out in the city at one of my favorite swanky restaurants.

During our VIP Day, we will begin to map out your 1$+ million dollar year, figure out what is really holding you back (and how to shift it) and start to create something brand new.

Flights & accommodations not included in coaching package.

Hybrid-Style Coaching

Each client responds differently within group coaching programs, which is why I love offering individual touchpoints as well for ongoing support.

We will meet weekly as a group and you will have the opporunity to receive a 1:1 coaching call with me as well.

80/20 Formula

We can’t outperform our limiting beliefs. My coaching style is extremely organic and focuses 80% of the time on personal development with somatic practices, and 20% on teaching and strategy.

This means that I expect clients to bring specific requests for support to the container, as well as be both open and coachable to the best of their abilities.

Community Support

I bring great women together and help them find their tribe.

Community is a huge reason why it feels important to offer group programs like MAVERICK. I want to help you elevate your network and normalize your big, crazy dreams – together.

You’ll have access to me in a private WhatsApp group, as well as your own individual chat for ongoing support in between live coaching calls.

What else is included?

⇒ Build out your Ascension Model and write your Map to $1 Million™

⇒ Complete Keri’s Money Mapping™ Process

⇒ Recalibrate Using Keri’s CNS Value Ladder™ Exercise

⇒ Optimize Your Team by Elevating Your CEO Mindset

⇒ Reimagine Your Perceived Value + Your Personal Brand 

⇒ Receive Keri’s 10-Day Instagram Launch Formula

⇒ Learn Keri’s Sandbox Strategy™ for time blocking and productivity

⇒ Create New Revenue Streams (and Make Back Your ROI)

⇒ Shift Your Identity From Middle Class into Million Dollar Mindset

Find your tribe by meeting other powerful female entrepreneurs

⇒ Implement Keri’s Cash Calendar™ to calibrate launch / fulfillment cycles

You can experience results like…

Christine who launched a brand new offer to an elevated avatar at the top of her program suite ascension and 2x her ROI before we were halfway through MAVERICK

Jennifer who had never invested in a personal development coaching program previously and was paid $30k UPFRONT to accept a role as a Mindset Coach inside a new collaborative program with several other successful women. After our MAVERICK VIP Day, she closed 11 of 14 enrollment calls, and launched ANOTHER new program which she SOLD OUT and is running for a second time. She has also made more money in her existing company to date…

Jaime who, by the end of 12 weeks together, mapped out the possibility of a $1.8 million dollar year, had launched a new in-person retreat offer and sold nearly 50% of spots and was already in the green with her profit margins as a result…

What clients are saying…

I don’t do sales calls.

I do interviews.

Because if we’re being honest, we get to see if we vibe before we commit to working with each other.

And if we’re not, I’m happy to refer you to a coach or program that is a better fit.

But if so . . . then GET READY because we get to co-create absolute magic together!

Applications are reviewed in the order they are received, so if this speaks to you then I encourage you to apply quickly, as each woman is intentionally selected.

The way you show up at the start, even from the enrollment process, tells me everything I need to know about how you will show up during our coaching.

Apply below and if we feel it’s a good fit, and you are ready to make an investment to participate in this program, you will receive an email with the next steps to take. Investment is $15k pay in full. Payment will be due in full.