What if I told you that your refusal to eat the cookie was actually keeping you fat?

This is why 95% of all diets fail.

Keri created the Cravings to Confidence program so you can heal your relationship to sugar. Inside this 30 day program, Keri will show you how to listen to your body and understand the difference between a craving… and an emotional response. 

  • See RESULTS with Keri’s Proven 30 Day Process
  • Create CONSISTENCY with Specific Weekly Action Items
  • Grocery Shop and Eat with CONFIDENCE
  • LEARN How to Identify Hidden Added Sugars

But you don’t just eat the whole box in that moment.⠀

No. You wait.

You wait until everyone leaves the house…⠀

Just to make sure no one is watching.

Because the pain of failure is far too great through the lens of judgment by someone else’s eyes.⠀

It’s a spotlight you never wanted and you’re ashamed of having.⠀

And you don’t want to disappoint your spouse. Your mom. That one friend. ⠀

You told them,

“Keep me accountable.”⠀
“Remind me of how bad I want ‘it.’”⠀
“Hide the cookies from me.”⠀

Because clearly you cannot be trusted.⠀

But what if… you could?

What if you could…⠀
🍪 Be in the same room as cookies and not obsess⠀
🍪 Eat just one cookie and be satisfied⠀
🍪 Decide you actually don’t want a cookie at all⠀
🍪 Not worry about who was watching you ⠀
🍪 Maybe have TWO cookies and still not feel guilty⠀
🍪 Break all the fucking rules⠀

This is what I call Cookie Confidence. And this is exactly what you will learn inside my Cravings to Confidence program.

Cookie Confidence is the ability to be with a cookie and confidently know if you truly want it.⠀

Or not.⠀

And, also, that you’re right either way.⠀

I know, it seems crazy to actually trust ourselves.⠀

To know our body speaks. And has a voice.⠀

That we could ACTUALLY listen.⠀

Because until you free yourself from the emotional currency that food has over you…⠀

Or understand the difference between a craving and an emotional response…⠀

You’ll continue to experience judgment and perceived failure.⠀

Because sometimes you don’t even want the cookie, but you are searching for something else that the experience of the cookie holds.

And here you are.

In this cycle, this loop, that you can’t seem to escape.

Measured against an unrealistic stick of expectations, and self-imposed rules.⠀

A reminder, perhaps, of the way you hid from someone, or something, else.⠀

So sweet one, where did you learn this and are you ready to let it go?

I’ve been there. Let me help.



Identify over 200+ types of hidden added sugars within the ingredients list.


Shift your mindset to feel peace and gratitude with your body by listening to it.


Follow Keri's simple program and watch your body respond rapidly.


Complete your weekly training schedule with Keri's metabolic workouts. No gym necessary.

Why this program is for you:


  • You’re looking for something that FINALLY WORKS
  • You’re ready to do things differently
  • You’re committed to creating consistency in your life
  • You’re tired of not loving your body and feeling exhausted
  • You’re confused about cravings, labels and other food marketing


I created the Cravings to Confidence program as a simple, but complete system that you can do again and again and STILL see results.

There is a reason people email me YEARS later thanking me for changing their life.

Because I believe in this program, once you enroll, I’m gifting you with 24/7 Lifetime Access to the videos, workouts and content.

I can’t wait to meet you over in the members community group!



✓ Hey, Cupcake!

✓ What is Sugar?

✓ Official C2C Guides + Materials

✓ Committing to Yourself with Before Pictures

✓ Video: Self-Love Meditation with Keri

✓ Comparing Fruit Juices + Smoothies

✓ Case Study #001: Greek Yogurt

✓ C2C Recipe: Chicken with Peanut Sauce

✓ Weekly Workouts

✓ Progress Over Perfection

✓ Video: Self-Acceptance of Beautiful You with Keri

✓ Video: All-or-Nothing Mindset with Keri

✓ Case Study #002: Almond Butter

✓ C2C Recipe: Fresh Shrimp Ceviche

✓ Weekly Workouts

✓ Power in Changing Your Mindset

✓ Video: The Cycle of Flow with Keri

✓ Case Study #003: White Cheddar Popcorn

✓ C2C Recipe: Coconut Flour Waffles with Strawberry Compote

✓ Weekly Workouts

✓ Finishing Strong

✓ Video: 5-Minute Evening Meditation with Keri

✓ Case Study #004: KIND Bars

✓ C2C Recipe: Cauliflower Crust Pizza

✓ Weekly Workouts

✓ You Did It!

✓ Video: Introducing Sugar Back Into Your Lifestyle with Keri

✓ Celebrating Your Results

In 30 days, Keri will teach you how to heal your relationship with sugar and create Cookie Confidence!

Once you’re INSIDE the program you will receive:


“I love to hate this program 🙂 It was exactly what I needed (again) after a crazy year. Thanks for encouraging this opportunity, I cannot believe I lost 15 pounds and a bunch of inches. Unreal, and such a great kick-start to the rest of the year.”

Valerie Utnick,
Lost 15 Pounds + 7" Overall

“I can’t believe I actually lasted 30 days with no added sugars! It was tough – but I did it! And now I’m only 2lbs away from my pre-pregnancy ‘summer’ weight!’

I’m so happy I did the Cravings to Confidence Program again – it’s such a great way to stay motivated and see actual results!! I was actually surprised to see this much of a difference!”

Nicole Sarakos,
Lost 5 Pounds + 6.5" Overall

“The Cravings to Confidence program is what made my (now) husband decide to propose to me. He had the ring for months, but never felt like it was time.

Then he saw me finally laser-focused on something, and actively working on improving myself (which made things at home better). He saw the old me again.

So he decided to propose after I had finished the program. It’s been a long 3 years for him dealing with my depression.

But this program was literally life changing.”

Patricia Pennington,
Lost 9 Pounds + 9.2" Overall

“These pictures literally bring me to tears. I am so proud of what I was able to accomplish in 30 days and I am so grateful for your support. I’ve always been skinny, so when I realized I needed to change some habits I didn’t really know where to begin but eight and a half inches and 7 pounds later my journey is just beginning. I cannot wait to see what I continue to be capable of. Thank you for inspiring me.”

2 YEARS LATER Renee sent me this email:

“I’ve had GREAT success with everything you taught me in the past few years with the Cravings to Confidence program. I’ve gone from 170 miserable pounds to 140. Feeling amazing… and got to buy a new wardrobe.”

Renee Golz, lost 30 pounds

“I have done the Cravings to Confidence program 3 times. And I would do it again. It gives me a reminder to take step back and think about what I am doing and why. It’s like a reset button for my body and mind.”

Marilyn Mages


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