Transform your body from the inside, out.

I N T R O D U C I N G...

Hey, I'm Keri.

My body was the one thing I felt like I just couldn’t figure out.


And I was frustrated, burned out and hopeless.


It seemed like I was trapped in my body…


Stuck in an endless cycle of gaining and losing the same 20 pounds.


The high-level executives and female entrepreneurs that I work with tell me this about their body too.⠀⠀

I’m sure you can relate, but these women are:

  Incredibly motivated and driven

√  Super smart and a classic overachiever⠀

√  Successful in most areas of there life⠀⠀

But that is also WHY they are so frustrated.


If this resonates, you know how great it would be if you had the right formula and the right guidance.

Because you’re meant to do big things and tired of holding back.

You want to show up in an even bigger way.

You purposefully hide your body behind someone else in pictures or try to avoid being on camera altogether.

You strategically try to dress yourself to hide parts of your body (note: my oversized sweater with a belt in my before picture above)

You avoid being in the spotlight or calling attention to yourself,  even though you secretly wish you could be that free and confident like “those other women”

You just aren’t fully showing up in the way you envisioned you would at this point in your life and you see how it’s affecting every part of your health, wealth, and even, relationships. 


you feel like it shouldn’t be THIS hard (it shouldn’t).


I know you want EVERY part of your life to finally look the way you pictured it, including yourself.


I felt the same way…


like there was a secret I was missing.


And there was!

Because the diet industry is designed to make you feel like a big, fat failure.

And that’s why when you say “nothing works”… you’re right.

This keeps you seeking the next plan or program that promises it will.⠀

And then you think the diet isn’t the thing that’s broken.⠀

You are.

So you continue to think that you have no willpower.⠀

That you aren’t focused or obsessed enough.⠀

You need a new plan to follow.⠀

Or that something must be wrong with you or your body.⠀

I also used to try to force my body into transformation too, but I was…⠀

• Starving for self-love⠀

• Eating my feelings⠀

• Hungry for happiness⠀

What I was really searching for was…⠀

✨ Nourishing the beautiful soul that is me⠀

✨ Fulfilling my life purpose, confidently ⠀

✨ Satisfying my appetite for freedom and joy⠀

✨ Feeling good in my past and present body⠀


But I want to tell you the TRUTH.


Here is what I need you to know… (and the diet industry doesn’t want you to find out)

• Radical self-love is your revolution⠀

• Awareness over obedience is allowed and encouraged⠀

• Sustainability is sexy⠀

And this is why I created The Collective program and it will literally transform your mind and your body.

How We Do It

Alignment Assessment Process™

Start your transformation by completing Keri's extensive Alignment Assessment Process™ through a series of over 60 questions.


Keri's powerful meditative Somatic process that rebuilds self-trust, intuitive guidance and transformation from the inside, out through Cellular Connection.

Food Mapping™

Keri's revolutionary method helps you identify Emotional Currency™ and belief systems through the psychology of food by discovering your unique blueprint.

Custom Wellness Guide

Keri and her Registered Dietitian will create a personal wellness guide designed for your body, preferences, sensitivities and diet history.

Breakthrough Coaching

Watch your body respond rapidly while reprogramming your mind through over 2 hours of weekly LIVE coaching with Keri and her team.

Progressive Workout Programming

Build a consistent and committed exercise routine using metabolic workouts that are both fun and time-efficient.

What's Inside The Collective


During this phase we identify what is not working in order to step into the future version of yourself. We bring awareness to your limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns and emotional responses so that your subconscious allows you to expand in a new direction without struggle and self-sabotage.

✓ Complete the Alignment Assessment Process™

✓ Receive your Custom Wellness Guide from Keri’s Registered Dietician

✓ Explore Keri’s signature Food Mapping™ Method

✓ Join weekly LIVE Breakthrough Coaching sessions with Keri and her wellness team

✓ Begin phase one of your Progressive Workout Programming

In this phase we shift your identity from old beliefs to the next level version of yourself through breakthrough, claiming your power and owning your confidence.

✓ Complete Keri’s powerful BodySpeake™ Somatic work

✓ Continue weekly LIVE Breakthrough Coaching sessions with Keri and her team

✓ Learn how to establish a strong foundation of consistency and commitment

✓ Implement your Custom Wellness Guide

✓ Begin phase two of your Progressive Workout Programming

Here is where we create momentum, sustainability and experience both internal and external results. You will also feel freedom with your body, food and movement.

✓ Continue weekly LIVE Breakthrough Coaching sessions with Keri and her team

✓ Understand and create conscious change around previous self-sabotage

✓ Master your Custom Wellness Guide

✓ Begin phase three of your Progressive Workout Programming

I want to see you show up as the woman you know you are meant to be.
She's been waiting.

Now Enrolling.


“Working with Keri has been a game changer for me. Struggling with weight for years and trying diet after diet and always failing, I knew I wanted something more for myself.

I wanted a program that didn’t just give me a food plan and send me off but actually helped me understand food and the reasons I struggle with it. Keri has helped me not only with losing weight (I’m down 13 pounds so far!!) but has completely shifted my mindset about food. Keri always talks about food freedom and I’ll admit I never thought I would be able to achieve that but here I am enjoying all the benefits that come along with food freedom!! I am so happy I took the leap and invested in myself. I had Keri with me every step of the way!”

Allison Klocinski

"Working with Keri will certainly improve your nutrition and fitness. But that’s like saying going to college will improve your typing skills. It’s a byproduct result. Keri is not really a fitness coach. She is a life coach that uses nutrition and fitness as the gateway to tap into who you are as a person. If you want to simply get fit, you can walk into any gym and hire someone to hold you accountable for pushing metal plates around and watching what you put in your mouth. But as Keri says, “It’s never about the cake,” and all those changes you make will be short-lived. With Keri you will go much deeper, and truly change yourself and your life."

“I decided to work with Keri because I was sitting on the side lines watching as everyone else get to live out the life that I always dreamed of having. I felt stuck for a long time repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over unclear as to why the things I was trying hadn’t helped me move forward. I was desperate for positive change and to find out how to break the negative pattern loop that had become my life. I was no longer willing to accept merely surviving life, but craved thriving in it.

Although I was aware of certain things that held me back, I was unclear how to move past those negative thoughts and situations to create the change I longer for. Keri helped me see, through consistently changing the thoughts I think and feeling those thoughts, that I could slowly start turn my life around. It also helped to have a beautiful, successful mentor guide me though the process of things she’s already been though. I believe her guidance and genuine, loving support though this time of my life was exactly what I needed to help me start to imagine and create a more elevated life for myself!

Keri and I witnessed my self-confidence increase during our time together. I became more empowered, no longer willing to accept anything less than the best without feeling guilty about it. That’s a big change from my past self who would automatically go into a downward spiral of stress and negativity. Keri is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with such an inspirational woman.”

Megan Weaver

“This program is unlike any other. I started Embody wanting to increase my energy to meet my busy lifestyle of 4 businesses, an international board role of a large community service organization and planning my wedding. What I received is so much more.

I broke through my limiting beliefs with food that translated to other areas of my life. I learned to prioritize taking care of myself, how to finally say good-bye to dieting, and how to step into the most badass version of myself.

At first, I was intimidated by the cost of the investment since we’re planning a wedding simultaneously, but the return of investment exceeded my expectations and spilled over into more success for my businesses.

In addition to the weekly sessions with Keri and Dana, the community with the other ladies was an added bonus. We supported, held space, and completed workouts together.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to heal their relationship with their body and show up powerfully.”

Taryn McNamee, Financial Coach

“I found Keri randomly on Facebook one day – only I know it wasn’t random at all.  

I was instantly attracted to her beauty and confidence, and after diving into some of her content, I just knew that there was something about her vibe and outlook that had the ability to change mine in the way I’ve WANTED it to be changed for years. 

To put it plainly, I’ve struggled immensely with all things weight, food, and body issues for my entire life. I’ve worn every size imaginable, constant binge and restriction cycles have been a normal way of life, and at some point, I just resigned myself to believing that it would always feel hard to look and feel the way I wanted to. 

When I became an entrepreneur eight years ago, I put building a successful business first above everything. I neglected my body and my personal life in a lot of ways, and so many of those underlying issues became even worse.  

In less than just two months of working together, I am down 12 pounds, but what feels way more important than that is that I feel hopeful and free for the first time ever. I feel a sense of peace and certainty when it comes to my body and food and I feel more confident and aligned when it comes to who I am, and what I’m capable of, than I EVER have in my entire life. 

I have found that a lot of the advice and coaching out there is “only or the other” – it’s either ONLY deep mindset work or ONLY hardcore dieting and exercising. One of the things I appreciate most about Keri is her ability to combine it all. She coaches with a lot of love and compassion and kindness, but it’s also balanced out with necessary tough love and practical guidance. She loves you through your struggles, but calls you on your bullshit. She’s helped me recognize and understand where so many patterns actually formed and WHY I’ve struggled with so many of the things I have, while also pushing me into a place of action.

I also deeply appreciate the way in which she guides and supports me in trusting MYSELF – versus putting my faith and certainty in yet another solution that will only wind up failing over time. There’s no forcing me to do things her way or abandoning myself. It has simply been about going deeper and deeper into who I actually am and what I want, and that has made all the difference in the world.

Truly, in just two months, my life and outlook in ALL ways feel completely different. Creating transformation by loving myself instead of beating myself up or shaming myself is now a daily practice. I’m happier, healthier, wiser, and truly feel more ME than ever in my 35 years. Forever grateful for what I’ve already learned and experienced, and I’m so so excited to see it get better and better.”

Sara Dann, Business Coach & Host of You're Fucking Welcome Podcast

“I had the privilege of working with Keri during one of the biggest transitions of my life – my pregnancy with my first baby, the early postpartum period and the beautiful journey into motherhood. 

Working with Keri has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. She has empowered me to face my unspoken fears and anxieties, while loving and trusting myself through the process. She approaches her work with a passion that is as genuine as it is contagious. She flawlessly balances being nurturing, with always keeping it real. 

I contribute my healthy pregnancy, my full term healthy baby, and my positive labor and postpartum experience to the work that Keri & I did together. Her program nourished me in mind, body and soul. 

She helped me to remain physically active, taught me how to truly listen to my body for the first time in my life, and gave me the foundational knowledge to make positive nutritional choices that ultimately contributed to more energy and vitality both during, and after my pregnancy. In terms of results, I’ve lost ~5” inches and 14 lbs. since being cleared for exercise, while still being able to maintain a healthy milk supply to continue to breastfeed my baby. 

However, what I gained most from Keri’s programs was more than a physical transformation. The most important work we did together was centered around my mental health and my soul. Keri can intuitively see the unseen parts of her clients, and can guide you in bringing light and awareness to the parts of you that you may have forgotten. Keri taught me how to stand in my power and how to challenge the patterns that kept showing up in my life, with the goal of living more authentically. She helped empower me to show up for myself, everyday. I am better equipped to navigate my life – the good, the bad, the extraordinary, and the mundane- because of the tools and strategies she’s shared with me.” 

Karen Acker

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