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We’re gifting you a bundle of 4 guided meditations that are from my Millionaire Mind$et Membership Program.

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 When you claim your gift you’ll get access to:

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About Keri & Jake

Keri Ford & Jake Kauffman are transformation coaches, specializing in women’s and men’s work.

Collectively they help others redefine success to experience a greater sense of fulfillment, happiness, and love both in their business and in their life.

Jake has published his first book, Let Love In: The Pain Stops When the Truth Starts, a memoir.

Their work can best be described as the multidisciplinary integration of business strategy and holistic healing practices.

Meditation has been a daily practice that they share together as a conscious couple. They have seen the power of mediation in shifting your subconscious beliefs in order to reach new levels of success in every area of life. 

This is why Keri created her Millionaire Mind$et Membership Program, and it’s why Keri and Jake chose to gift these 4 meditations to you for being part of the SOUL KEYS event!