Diets work. Until they don’t.

Lose the emotional weight forever in The Wellness Collective, a live coaching program for women seeking peace with food, body confidence, and transformation with their health.

the wellness collective

The program that helps you learn intuitive eating so that you can stop giving up foods you love and doing workouts you hate.

the Truth is…

Your refusal to eat the cookie is the reason you haven’t lost the weight. 

Why? Because the #1 response to diet deprivation is binging on the food you think you can’t have – meaning you likely only want the cookie because you created a rule about not eating one.

This is what Keri calls the Emotional Currency™ of food – the moment in time, the inception, of how food gains power over our emotions. And if we’re not deeply aware, our actions keep us stuck in cycles of self-sabotage. 

After enduring an eating disorder post-college, miscarriage after fitness competitions, and gaining back the same 20 pounds over and over again, Keri was driven to liberate women from the inner hell she experienced around food and her body.



Keri discovered the #1 secret the fitness industry doesn’t want us to know.

Hi. I’m Keri Ford.

My unique approach to self-healing, embodiment practices and the unlearning of diet culture has been the gateway to my own personal transformation by harnessing my intuition to create success in every area of my life.

The development of processes such as Food Mapping™ and BodySpeake™ Biohacking have been called “revolutionary” and “brilliant”. In addition, I have been awarded by the International Forum on Advancements in Healthcare (IFAH) as a Top 100 Global Visionary in Wellness for Alternative Medicine.

My professional application and teaching of my methods has proved WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS for long-term results, loved-based motivation and nourishment from a cellular level.

For the last 12 years I have coached hundreds of women, and have trained celebrities such as Ali Sweeney, from NBC’s The Biggest Loser, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Kaley Cuoco, from the Big Bang Theory.


– Keri

ACE Certified Nutritionist (CN), Lifestyle & Weight Management Coach, ACE Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Behavior Change Specialist, Facilitator of Jillian Michaels’ Bootcamps & previous Flywheel Instructor

they’ve been lying to us…

The Fitness Industry has been designed to make you feel like a big, fat failure.

It is a $72 Billion Dollar Industry built on pushing diet products and platforms, not paradigm-shifts or plateau-breakthroughs.

The short version?

They need you, to need them. 



And that’s why when you say “nothing works” – you’re right.



It’s NOT a downloadable diet that’s going to fix things.


It’s NOT another new, color-coded planner with all the compartments.


It’s NOT that you don’t believe that having it all is possible.


It’s NOT that you won’t put the work in.


It’s NOT that you don’t have willpower.

What I realized hundreds of women that came to me were actually doing:


Starving for self-love


Eating or avoiding their feelings


Finding themselves hungry for happiness

…and if i’m being honest – me too

 We know that “before & after pictures” only show part of the story (which is why we don’t share many of those from clients – we have hundreds).


But for the sake of sharing my transformation with you, it felt important for you to see mine:

Energy doesn’t lie & neither does our body.

My physical body, unsurprisingly, looked exactly like I felt in my emotional body.

I was sadtired, and hopeless.

It seemed like I was trapped in my body.

Stuck in an endless cycle of gaining and losing the same 20 pounds.

The most frustrating part was that I didn’t struggle with motivation.

I struggled with the idea that as a smart and successful woman, the outside didn’t feel like it matched the inside.

And I couldn’t seem to “outwork it” or “figure it out.”

That is when I discovered what I was really searching for, and what you are really seeking:


Tangible self-healing techniques & tools that you can utilize to create the body you want


Professional coaches that specialize in teaching you HOW to reprogram your self-sabotaging behaviors into healthy habits ⠀


A program that nurtures your feminine intuition and shows you how to reclaim your power


Support from others that understand your food and body image struggles

Because the secret is… that you don’t need to diet ever again.

In fact, your body knows EXACTLY what to do.


Here is what the program will teach you:


Radical self-love is your revolution


Awareness over obedience is allowed and encouraged


Sustainability is sexy

I’m sure this resonates – women like us are:


Incredibly motivated and driven


Wildly Intelligent and independent


Successful in most areas of our lives

That is why it’s so frustrating & why learning intuitive eating is the missing piece to mastering ALL of our intuition.


In fact, once I learned how to listen to my body on the deepest level, I watched my success skyrocket as a result.

Imagine if you…

  • ☑ Could be around foods that previously triggered you without feeling out of control

    ☑ Could confidently wear the outfits you actually wanted to right now

    ☑ Had an understanding of your patterns around self-sabotage so you can stop ruining your results

    ☑ Had a team of wellness professionals that have healed through the same struggles as you

    ☑ Felt healthy, energized and powerful in your body

    ☑ Never had to give up foods you love

    ☑ Actually wanted to workout because it’s fun and feels good

    ☑ Never felt overwhelmed by restrictive diet plans ever again

    ☑ Figured out root causes of food sensitivities & other physical manifestations of trapped emotions

    ☑ Learned how to listen to your intuition and watched your life become more joyful as a result

    ☑ Could eat without worrying about counting points, calories, macros or following bs rules

    ☑ Could feel sexy and love your past and present body

    ☑ Learned how to use self-healing techniques to help you manifest the body of your dreams



If you’re like… “YES, Keri!!!” then you are in the right place, and I have the perfect solution for you.

the solution

The solution is found in The Wellness Collective.

The 6-month program focused on transforming your mind & your body so you can learn how to master your intuition.


What’s Included Inside The Program:

Live Coaching

Receive weekly support with your frustrations with weight, food and your body on LIVE coaching calls with Keri’s wellness team. You will also have the opportunity to be on a monthly call with Keri. All calls are recorded and available for replay during the program.

Member Platforms

Log in anytime and access your member portal loaded with more than 48 hours of recorded coaching calls, over 20 training videos with Keri, daily healthy habits checklists and 75+ pages of workbook materials. 

Wellness Workbook

You have access to our 75+ page Wellness Workbook that takes you through 24 different journal exercises to help you understand how to heal your relationship with food and your body. Co-created by in-house Registered Dietitian, Dana Wallace, and Keri, this workbook also contains educational worksheets about macronutrients, portion control information, and solutions for what to do when you’re still hungry. 


Self-Healing Tools

Start your transformation by completing Keri’s extensive Alignment Assessment Process™ through a series of over 60 questions.

Learn Keri’s powerful BodySpeake™ Biohacking to rebuild self-trust, intuitive guidance and transform yourself from the inside out using Conscious Cellular Connection™. In addition, Keri’s Food Mapping™ Method allows you to create a blueprint so you know exactly how to heal your relationship with food.

Community Support

The private and exclusive community on Facebook is for members only. Ask questions to Keri and your team of wellness coaches, receive real-time feedback, and celebrate your daily successes! Watch others receive coaching and experience the benefit of being supported with a group of women who are working through the same struggles so you can maximize your results during the program. 

Workout Programming

For convenient workouts wherever you go, access your training schedule in a downloadable app that helps you to establish a consistent and committed exercise practice. These progressive metabolic workouts have been exclusively designed for the program by Oxygen Fitness Trainer and Expert, Krista Ferrara, and are both fun and time-efficient. 

Inside The Wellness Collective You Will Learn:

Phase 1: Expansion (Weeks 1-8)

During this phase we identify what is not working in order to step into the future version of yourself.

The wellness team, comprised of Founder, Keri Ford, Registered Dietition, Dana Wallace and Master Coach, Amanda Marie, will help you explore and bring awareness to your limiting beliefs, behavioral patterns and emotional body so that your nervous system allows you to expand in a new direction without struggle and self-sabotage.

✓ Complete the Alignment Assessment Process™

✓ Access and watch training videos and meditations in your Member Portal

✓ Join LIVE Weekly Coaching sessions with the wellness team

✓ Receive Community Support in the FB group

✓ Learn Self-Healing Tools to use for intuitive mastery

✓ Receive your 75+ page Wellness Workbook from Keri’s Registered Dietitian

✓ Execute phase one of your Workout Programming

Phase 2: Evolution (Weeks 9-16)

In this phase we shift your identity from old beliefs to the next level version of yourself through breakthrough, claiming your power and owning your confidence.

✓ Complete Keri’s powerful BodySpeake™ Biohacking & Food Mapping™ Method

✓ Watch training videos and mediations in your Member Portal

✓ Join LIVE Weekly Coaching sessions with the wellness team

✓ Receive Community Support in the FB group

✓ Learn how to establish a strong foundation for consistent healthy habits

✓ Work through your 75+ page Wellness Workbook with Keri’s Registered Dietitian

✓ Execute phase two of your Workout Programming

Phase 3: Embodiment (Weeks 17-24)

In our final 8 week phase, is where we create momentum and sustainability. You will practive intuitive mastery and experience both internal and external results. You will also feel freedom with your body, food and movement.

✓ Watch training videos and meditations in your Member Portal

✓ Join LIVE Weekly Coaching sessions with the wellness team

✓ Receive Community Support in the FB group

✓ Understand and create conscious change around previous self-sabotage

✓ Complete your 75+ page Wellness Workbook from Keri’s Registered Dietitian

✓ Execute phase three of your Workout Programming

Who is the program for?


You are stressed, lacking energy and it is taking a toll on your body and ability to be confident in yourself.


You are a chronic dieter that learned to restrict at a young age, and as a result don't trust yourself with food.


You feel out of control with food and constantly seek the next diet or plan.


You purposely hide your body behind someone else in pictures or avoid being on camera altogether.


You struggle with understanding your food cravings and knowing if you are hungry or not.


You are constantly anxious about what you should or shouldn't be eating.


You secretly wish you could be as free and confident as “those other women”.


You are fully showing up in the way you envisioned you would at this point in your life and it’s affecting your health, wealth, and even, your relationships.

See What Clients Are Saying:

(You can have results like these, too)










More client feedback

success with taryn mcnamee

“I broke through my limiting beliefs with food that translated to other areas of my life.”

This program is unlike any other.

I started The Wellness Collective wanting to increase my energy to meet my busy lifestyle of 4 businesses, an international board role of a large community service organization and planning my wedding. What I received is so much more. I broke through my limiting beliefs with food that translated to other areas of my life. I learned to prioritize taking care of myself, how to finally say good-bye to dieting, and how to step into the most badass version of myself.

At first, I was intimidated by the cost of the investment since we’re planning a wedding simultaneously, but the return of investment exceeded my expectations and spilled over into more success for my businesses.

In addition to the weekly sessions with Keri and Dana, the community with the other ladies was an added bonus. We supported, held space, and completed workouts together. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is ready to heal their relationship with their body and show up powerfully.

Taryn McNamee

Financial Coach for Millennial Women who want to create generational wealth and achieve financial freedom
Pasadena, CA

Allison Klocinski

Karen Acker

Amanda Fyfe

Hannah Kimberley 

Account Executive
Smyrna, GA

Audrey Southerland

Laboratory Coordinator
Atlanta, GA

success with angelique macarthur

“I leveled up into the version of myself that I wanted to become.”

What can I say but what a truly transformational program! When Keri shared this opportunity with me I was in a space in my life of practicing ways to level up into the version of myself that I wanted to become. I didn’t take my health journey as seriously as I should of and I jumped at the chance to work on this area of my life and I’m SO thankful God brought this to my doorstep.

The Wellness Collective program turned out to be the catalyst for deep change in several areas of my life. I came into the program expecting to find a solution to losing weight and getting healthy but found a way to live my WHOLE life free from the shackles of limiting beliefs and living by my past. As a result, I’ve been able to improve the way I view and interact with food and my body and build confidence on a MASSIVE scale. I struggled with my sleep and energy as well as staying stuck in patterns and routines in my life that weren’t serving me.

One of the biggest blessings from this program is the friendships I’ve formed with women who were open to connecting on a deeper level. The support is unreal in this group! Also, the deep journalling and inner work has proven to be exactly what I needed to step into the person God has always wanted me to be.

I’m beyond grateful to Keri and the whole Elevate family! This experience has allowed me to eliminate my negative thinking and grow my awareness around my feelings and thoughts and given me the calm knowing that comes from being an action taker (because confusion and procrastination were my middle names!). I am loving my body, my confidence and being the person I was destined to be. Working with Keri and her team has been one of the absolute delights of my life and I don’t say that lightly. She cares for you, offers honest advice with grace and stops you from shrinking back and all with real knowledge and love.

Don’t pass this up because you didn’t come across this by accident. It’s YOUR time to thrive!

Angelique MacArthur

Lifestyle and Relationship Coach for Millennial Women
Ontario, Canada

even more praise! 

for the Wellness collective…