Introducing the


The innovative leadership approach to train your nervous system for exponential success.

Imagine you’re a woman in leadership…

You lead your team.
You lead your vision.
You lead your clients.

But who leads you?

It’s simple.

Inside this high-touch journey of becoming the 1% Woman, you will train your nervous system for true exponential success

(that actually feels good and allows you to sustainably create the legacy you know you’re meant for)

In the Academy

We’re going to cover…

  • NThe Somatic Success™ Method so that you can hold more, have more, and keep more
  • NWhy your current approach to success is leaving you unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and always seeking more (and how to shift it)
  • NHow your unique Anxious Achiever™ Archetype keeps you from your true potential
  • NOur 1% leadership techniques for expanding beyond your Upper-Level Limit so that you can lead your life, and your team, with vision and new-found energy
  • NAnd so much more!

We will walk you through our full Somatic Success™ method which is made up of 3 main components:







Real Results

You will walk away with…


⮕ Identify the true, underlying reason why you’re bumping up against an Upper-Level Limit

⮕ Know exactly how your Anxious Achiever™ Archetype keeps you from what you REALLY want

⮕ Release old stress strategies driven by high-functioning anxiety and create NEW Somatic Success™ strategies so that you have new-found agility in your nervous system

⮕ Understand exactly what it takes to align your actions to the way of The 1% Woman in both life & business

Ready to go from


  • MFeel at MAX capacity
  • MTapped out and tuned out
  • MNo time or energy for more of what you want
  • MChaotic, frantic energy
  • MShort fuse
  • MNumb, running on autopilot
  • MTouched out/overstimulated
  • MExhausted, burnt out
  • MDisappointed with how the “success” feels
  • MTons of pressure to do it all NOW & do it right
  • MAlways rushing
  • MConfusion about what the “right” move is
  • MMake hasty decisions and put out fires later
  • MDisconnected from your body & basic needs
  • MNever in the mood, low libido
  • MBloated and inflamed from chronic stress
  • MChronic pain; back, jaw, and neck pain
  • M Constant dysregulation; fight/flight mode
  • MAnxious, hypervigilant
  • MWired & tired cycles
  • MOvercommitted calendar
  • MEmotional flooding, indecisive
  • MFeel unsettled even when trying to relax
  • MCatastrophize worst-case scenarios
  • NTons of time, space, and capacity
  • NFeel grounded, spacious, expansive, and joyful
  • NUpholds energetic and scheduling boundaries
  • NClear-minded and in control
  • NHealthy and energized about your life
  • NDeeply connected to self and others
  • NNo stress about what to “do” next
  • NNo pressure to do it right or do it right now
  • NYour magnetic, radiant energy commands a room
  • NFully present to the here-and-now
  • NIntentional; thrive on stillness and ease
  • NPrioritize self-care
  • NLead yourself and your team from centeredness
  • NMake high-level decisions without rushing
  • NActually being able to enjoy the life you created
  • NAgile in managing and moving through stress
  • NHonors the need to rest and recharge
  • NAchievement secondary to inner fulfillment
  • NExpanded WOT allows you to hold more
  • NAbility to show up for what you’re doing, better
  • NLightness in your body
  • NBalanced energy cycles and restful sleep
  • NAbility to turn ON and OFF fluidly
  • NDeep trust in everything always working out


What Clients Are Saying

Kristy B. who said, “I found clarity, healing and a bold reinforcement for me to be my authentic self.”

Hannah K. who said, “Keri has helped me to connect with myself and figure out who I am and what I want and what my life’s purpose is.”

Morgan H. who said, “I found the deep inner healing work I needed to repair my relationship with myself to skyrocket me into my successful future.”

Sarah W. who said, “Keri digs deep and she is one of the most genuine and loving coaches I’ve ever worked with but she is also not afraid to really push you to your limit.”

Emily F. who said, “I’ve completely redefined my relationship with everything and I’m elevating myself to the absolute next level in all ways… And that’s thanks to Keri.”

Mari R. who said, “Working with Keri was beyond my expectations. If you want someone who will hold you accountable, help you vision what’s possible and also curate a beautiful, fun and deep experience, you cannot go wrong with Keri Ford.”

Megan W. who said, “I became more empowered, no longer willing to accept anything less than the best without feeling guilty about it.”

Karen A. who said, “Working with Keri has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. She has empowered me to face my unspoken fears and anxieties, while loving and trusting myself through the process.” 

Sara D. who said, “I feel more confident and aligned when it comes to who I am, and what I’m capable of, than I EVER have in my entire life.”

Kristy B. who said,”I found clarity, healing and a bold reinforcement for me to be my authentic self.”

About Keri

Meet Your Coach Keri

KERI FORD is the CEO & Founder of Elevate with Keri – an elite transformational coaching movement and luxury brand dedicated to serving and elevating women’s emotional intelligence and whole-body high performance.

Over the last 14 years, her unique online influence and programs have transformed the lives of thousands of women across the globe.

She is an international motivational speaker, author, event host, and global authority on women’s wellness. She has spoken alongside 50 other top industry experts, neuroscientists, doctors, and authors in the personal development industry.

Keri is a Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and Certified Nutritionist (CN).

She also has advanced training as a Behavior Change Specialist (BCS), was awarded by IFAH as one of the Top 100 Global Visionaries, and is a Trauma & Somatics graduate while currently enrolled in the 4-year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) Program.

Somatic Success Academy

What’s Inside:

Module 1: Receiving the Most Value from SSA

  • NAbout the Somatic Success™ Academy
  • NOur Coach-Client Agreement
  • N3 Keys to Somatic Success™ Inside the SSA
  • NReceiving Coaching & Support

Module 2: Defining Leadership

  • NBecoming The 1% Woman™
  • NThe Gap: Why You Aren’t “There” Yet
  • NExploring the Role of Somatic Practices in Developing Leadership Skills
  • NThe Felt-Sense Experience (Part I)
  • NThe Felt-Sense Experience (Part II)

Module 3: Understanding Stress in Leadership

  • NHow High-Functioning Anxiety Impacts Your Leadership
  • NThe Difference Between Chronic & Healthy Stress
  • NWhy Stress Directly Affects Our Performance
  • NHow Stress Imprints in the Body
  • NApplying the 4 Stress Responses
  • NThe PsychoSomatic Anxious Achiever™ Loop

Module 4: Your Anxious Achiever™ Archetype

  • NExploring the 8 Anxious Achiever™ Archetypes
  • NFight Archetypes: The Controller & The Pusher
  • NFlight Archetypes: The Futurist & The Alarmist
  • NFreeze Archetypes: The Robot & The Victim
  • NFawn Archetypes: The People Pleaser & The Perfectionist

Module 5: Top Tier Leadership Techniques for Teams

  • NBuilding the RIGHT Team
  • NTop Leadership Techniques for The 1% Woman
  • NThe Art of Delegation

And so much more!

  • NGuest Expert Speakers
  • NBonus Content


Who is the Somatic Success™ Academy for?

The Somatic Success™ Academy is for any female business owner or in leadership, from C-Suite executives to entrepreneur CEOs. You do not need to have a team to join The Academy, but if you do, we suggest having them join as well.

When do we start & what is the time committment?

The Somatic Success™ Academy officially opens 01.23.23! Our first live coaching call will be on Wednesday, January 25 at 1pm EST for one hour each week. Calls will be recorded and uploaded into your dashboard where you will always have access to the replays.

What does Somatic mean?

“Somatic” refers to the body-oriented approach Keri uses to help the modern-day successful woman, just like you, assess where they are “stuck” in the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses as a result of stored trauma or chronic, acute stress.

This type of normalized and ongoing stress is all most working women have known and has played the main role in how they have created their outward success. Unfortunately, this continued feedback loop can impair their ability to experience resilience and ease, and robs them of being fully present in the here-and-now.

Using Bottom Up Processing provides support to resolve and restore connection to the authentic Self through nervous system regulation, relaxation, wholeness, and aliveness. Keri’s approach is the multidisciplinary integration of stress physiology, biology, neuroscience, meditation, and holistic healing practices.

What should I do to prepare?

I know your time is valuable, which is why I don’t want to waste it.

In order to get the MOST from the Somatic Success™ Academy, plan to attend the weekly LIVE coaching calls every Wednesday at 1pm EST.

Calls will be recorded so you can ALWAYS catch the replays, but the real-time energy and opportunity to be coached by Keri will be unmatched when you attend live.

Please also plan to attend LIVE from a quiet space where you can be fully present without distractions due to the interactive nature of coaching calls.

What's included inside the Somatic Success™ Academy?

When you join The Academy, you will receive:
Immediate access to your membership portal which includes video modules and all the tools you’ll need to start achieving Somatic Success™.

Lifetime access to weekly live coaching with Keri and other guest experts. You can join the weekly calls AND binge-watch the growing archive of recorded calls.

Facebook group access for members only where you can receive additional coaching support from Keri and Team Elevate.

Will I receive 1:1 access to Keri?

You will have the opportunity to be coached by Keri in the weekly live coaching calls.

For an entirely 1:1 experience with Keri, you can email our team at to request an application for Keri’s 1:1 ELEVATE coaching program.

What is the investment?

You pay $3k once – for LIFE. There are no membership fees. No monthly charges. No upgrades to stay in the group.

There is no additional cost to you for receiving lifetime weekly coaching, bonus materials, or program upgrades.

Do you offer refunds?

NO. Due to the nature of digital delivery of content, video modules, and real-time coaching, we do not offer refunds.

Once the program starts, you have immediate access to ALL assets and for this reason, we do not offer refunds.

Our job is to make sure you know, very clearly, what it is you are purchasing and how the program will be formatted.

Offering refunds on programs would be like purchasing a book, deciding you didn’t like it (or not applying the teachings), and then asking for a refund after you read it.

How we support you in receiving the most value from The Academy: We track your progress in the membership portal dashboard, as well as take attendance on the weekly live coaching calls with Keri, or our other Guest Experts.

In order to receive the most value from The Academy, completing the modules and attending weekly coaching calls are strongly recommended.

Modules include videos, downloadable worksheets, and other “work with you” exercises.

You will also have access to the archive of recorded coaching calls where you can watch the replays and receive even more support.

Live coaching is offered weekly for even more support and custom coaching. You will submit a request to be coached so we can plan our calls accordingly!

Is there a payment plan option?

YES. We want to make our work accessible to more people and this allows us to offer that opportunity. We no longer host payment plans, but our clients work with our third-party vendors to provide them with flexible options.

Option 1: PayPal 0% Credit. This is a 6-month line of credit, with 0% interest. This option does pull your credit when you apply here (if you live outside of the USA, please email for the link) to see your approval amount.

Why our clients love this option: They can pay now or over time. They decide what’s best for them. No interest will be charged on the purchase if you pay it off in full within 6 months.

Option 2: Third-party funding. This option does a SOFT pull of your credit when you apply here. Apply for the amount of $3,120, which includes the 4% fee for the service.

Why our clients love this option: Payments are spread out over a longer period of time. Clients can keep cash flow high by having low monthly installments (possibly as low as $150-200/month)

Please note: Payment plans will have a credit 4% fee added to the program pricing for a one-time total investment of $3,120.  

Enroll Now

When you join The Academy, you will receive…

Immediate access to your membership portal which includes video modules and all the tools you’ll need to start achieving Somatic Success™

Lifetime access to weekly live coaching with Keri and other guest experts. You can join the weekly calls or watch the growing archive of recorded calls.

Facebook group access for members only where you can receive additional coaching support from Keri and Team Elevate.

Guest Experts that offer additional value on specific and interesting topics.