"In my 25 years of business, I have not encountered another thought leader who is as exceptional as Keri."
Dac C., North Carolina

“I have made so much progress this year – going from 141 lbs to 128 in 11 months at the age of 60… you just kept on encouraging me and for that I can’t thank you enough! So here I am a month shy of 61, feeling fine and fit and ready to greet this new year with new goals..

Thank you so much again, Keri… You are relentless in your passion for good health for yourself and others.”

— Debbie
Lost 13 pounds
Online Client in Michigan

"I have learned so much, not only about food, health and nutrition, but about myself. It has opened my eyes to a lot and I have happily made a lifestyle change that is healthy and makes me feel good inside and out.

My self-confidence and self-worth have changed tremendously, and granted part of that is because my body has changed, but most of all it’s my overall thinking that is different. I am still human and still have my “fat” or blah days, but 7 months ago I felt awful and was so embarrassed how I let myself get to where I was. I used to be very athletic, always playing sports when I was younger, throughout HS, and being active in college, and then I got to a point and I lost all of that. I had no confidence or motivation, but thanks to Keri's program, and Keri, that changed.

Keri is not just your trainer or personal lifestyle coach, she’s your friend and is there with you every step of the way. Helping you when you have bad days and commending you for your good days. I don’t know what I would have done or how I would be feeling today if I hadn’t made the decision to join."

— Tanya
Lost over 29.5 pounds and 18.5"
Online Client in California

"Keri treats me like an individual and not as a part of a larger group."
Marilyn M., Illinois

"After seeing Keri’s posts on Facebook including the amazing “before and after” photos of her clients, I decided to take a closer look. Everything about it sounded appealing and seemed realistic for me.

The other HUGE bonus is having access to Keri as your personal trainer, nutritional and fitness mentor, and friend. I don’t know anywhere else that you can go to for weight loss with that kind of support. Without Keri’s overwhelming support and nutritional guidance, her program wouldn’t be the life-changing operation that it is. Rest assured, once you sign up she will never give up on you!

Aside from looking better in my clothes, I have had more energy, started sleeping better, had less joint pain in my knees (among other physical ailments), and gained so much more knowledge about the importance of what I am putting into my body. Gaining knowledge about how to eat more healthily is actually partly what gave me the self-esteem that I was lacking. I really can’t say enough good things about Keri's program."

Lost 8 POUNDS + 5"
Online Client in Washington DC

"Words can not describe the transformation Keri has physically and emotionally put me through. Being a senior in college is hard enough, but finding time to workout and eat properly has been difficult. Even being a former cross-country runner I thought I could never gain weight if I kept running, but I was wrong.

Keri is so passionate about her job, caring about each individual person and has become a true friend. She has taught me that “every meal is a new chance to get back on track.” We all have our bad days in training and eating and I learned we can’t let one slip up ruin the whole day. I’ve always been an athletic person that went to the gym, but always doing the same type of workouts became too familiar to my body. Once I started workouts with Keri and her style of using my own body weight to tone and shape my body, I saw results.

The first day I met Keri there was one thing that stood out to me. She spoke about being grateful for what we have because many people don’t have the ability to workout and push themselves. Her philosophy demonstrates what type of person she is and someone I don’t want to let down. She keeps me on track, motivated and focused on my goals. Without her meal plans and workouts I would be stuck in the same old routines and not have this passion to become a healthier me.”

Lost over 30 pounds + 16.5"
Online Client in California

“I started with Keri's program a year after my daughter was born. It has changed my life dramatically. When I started, I was about 140 lbs, due to pregnancy and laziness. I had looked at joining her program about 6 months or so after my pregnancy, but I didn’t get my butt in gear and join then. After my daughter’s first birthday I saw pictures of myself and just couldn’t sit back any longer! I was heavier then I had ever been! So, I joined Keri’s spectacular program and here I am at my lowest weight since high school! Her program has given me a purpose other than being a stay at home mom. The structure is amazing!

The workouts Keri sends are inventive and exciting and I don’t get bored. Having my daughter with me all day, I had to do all of my exercises at home and I was still able to see results! I really appreciated being able to get each work out done while she was napping or I could take her out with me in the stroller. This program made fitness accessible for me. Keri is such a great motivator and coach. She is there for you whenever you need her and the support is amazing! With the personalized nutrition plan I eat beautiful, whole food and I am never hungry! This is a great way to change your lifestyle! It has kick started my health, love of fitness, and really changed my life. I am so thankful to be part of her community!"

Andrea lost 15 pounds + 11.5"
Online Client in Pennsylvania

"Where do I begin? I have always been an avid exerciser. Sadly at 19, I had an exercise addiction that led to a small relapse of disordered eating. After that, I began exercising in moderation. With my love for running, I have completed a total of 5 half marathons and countless 10k’s, but I was never happy with my body. After my second son was born I was having difficulty “getting back in shape”. I worked with a few trainers from the gym, but they never really heard what my goals were. And due to the training format, it was so cookie cutter. I never felt that I had accomplished a solid workout, not to mention how repetitive it was.

After witnessing my cousin’s amazing transformation through Keri's program (Tanya R.) I made the decision to try it out. This decision saved my love and passion for working out!! Due to my exercise abuse history it has taken some time for my body to trust me, but I have never felt stronger and more athletic than I do now. Keri's program is the complete athletic package. Not only do we get amazing workouts and meal plans, we also get motivation and encouragement from Coach Keri. The community has also given a sense of belonging and friendship. I really admire the support from Coach Keri and all the girls. It is truly amazing to know other women are going through the same food and exercise struggles that I have and that we can support one another through food tips/suggestions, our love for exercise and overall health. Thank you, Keri, for your fabulous program!!!"

Julia Lost over 5 pounds + 6.25"
Online Client in California, MS, RD, CEDRD

"In high school I was in the best shape of my life. I played softball, ran track, and when I wasn’t doing all of that I was playing some other sport for fun. I got to college and maintained my weight for about a year and then I started gaining! I guess I gained the “Sophomore 15.” My friend and I decided to join a gym and kick our habits and that worked for about a year. I stopped having a workout buddy, started getting stressed from work out of college, and life happened. Maintaining my weight and proper nutrition was the last thing I had time to work on and I put on an extra 20 pounds. After that I decided to take the “easy” way out and not really work for it. I tried this pill and that pill, I bought books, workout series DVDs, etc, BUT nothing was really working because I didn’t have a foundation for healthy habits. I wanted a quick fix and that wasn’t ideal.

I found Keri through the wonderful web and on a whim decided to see what her online program was about. I got excited with the prospect of someone giving me a nutrition plan and workouts to follow! Not only did Keri provide the foundation for life changing habits, but she was also there for me whenever I needed advice or had questions! Keri was always there to guide me and once I got it, I started seeing results. And the workouts were by far the most challenging, yet fun ones, I’ve ever experienced! What got me through the program was Keri’s constant inspiration. She is truly a person to look up to and she always responds to my emails in a timely fashion. I can honestly say, she has changed my life and I will always be grateful!"

Lost over 20 pounds + over 12"
Online Client in North Carolina

"I found Keri online via Instagram, and I instantly fell in love with her. After having my second child I was looking for some inspiration again and I needed to find moms just like me. When I came across her program, it was a dream come true. Not only were Keri’s fitness values similar to my own, but she also had a baby about a month ahead of me. Being a mother of two and going to college full-time I needed a push. I needed someone to tell me what to do in the gym. I wanted to enjoy my fit journey with workouts that didn’t consist of constant cardio. The gym and working out was nothing new to me, but Keri's program pushed me to the next level! The workouts are amazing and fresh. I never get bored and look forward to pushing myself.

Starting off my fitness journey I did Keri's 30-day Sugar Momma Challenge. It opened my eyes to the food I was putting into my body, and made me aware of the food I SHOULD be eating instead. Finding a fitness coach who understands that sometimes you really do want a cookie (and doesn’t make you feel guilty) is a miracle. Keri blew me away with her understanding of the human body!

Now with my new perspective on eating, I realize it’s a lifestyle to fuel my body. As a mom this means a lot to me because now I have the tools to show my children that eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your food. I am so thankful for Keri. After my first child, my fitness lifestyle consisted of just cardio and a strict diet. I was not in a healthy place, and I see now how unhealthy I really was both mentally and physically. I’m really happy with the woman I’ve become and I enjoy working out not because “I want to be skinny” – instead because “I want to be strong and fit!

Lost 18 pounds + 14"
Online Client in Georgia

"I'm so grateful. I learned so much about life, myself + eating. I love my body."
Holly P., California

“In March of 2012, I decided that I had enough of an unhealthy lifestyle including: smoking, bad eating habits and living a fairly sedentary lifestyle. Keri’s comprehensive program included nutritional guidance, workout programs and general motivation that has enabled me to transform my body and change my lifestyle.

Since beginning the program, I have completed four 5k races, a Tough Mudder, and eventually, a half marathon! Also, I am now a proud NON-smoker. Without Keri's program, and Keri, it would not have been possible for me to achieve my fitness and lifestyle goals.

Lost 15 pounds + 10"
Registered Nurse

"I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience or for Keri herself. If you are in a rut, looking to make a change, want to challenge yourself, expect results and/or are even remotely curious, I highly recommend checking her out.

Honestly, the money it costs is nothing compared to the experience you get. I waste at least that much on “going out” every month, and this is much better for your long-term health.“

Lost over 3"
Public Relations Executive

"My journey with Keri and her program has really been life changing! Having been very athletic all my life and a competitive gymnast growing up, being healthy and fit always “came naturally”, however after college I felt my metabolism slowing and the pounds were packing on. I will admit that for a few years I was in denial that I no longer had an athletic build. The truth was even though I was still going to the gym regularly, I really wasn’t seeing results because I wasn’t being up front and honest about my lifestyle and eating habits.

And it really came down to just making small adjustments and setting daily goals to help get back on track. It’s not like I had to stop eating all the things I love and give up everything. In fact, it’s the opposite philosophy with Keri's program because it’s about finding balance! I have learned SO much more from Keri than just how to lose weight and be healthy. I’ve learned what it means to find balance with food and exercise all while facing everyday obstacles and life challenges. I’m the perfect example of someone who just doesn’t have the time to workout or prep healthy meals, but in the end, those are just excuses.

Keri has taught me, along with all the other community members, that you can pretty much do anything you set your mind to as long as you make yourself a priority. It’s not about dieting and living at the gym 7 days a week. It’s about making small changes, being accountable and being part of a community of people who want to see you succeed. Keri's community really is my biggest support system, whether we’re rooting each other on, posting new and fun recipes or just chatting about life, it’s where I go to get inspiration and motivation!! I couldn’t be any luckier to be a part of it all!”

Lost 15 pounds + 10"
Entrepreneur + Photographer

Working with Keri has been a game changer for me. Struggling with weight for years and trying diet after diet and always failing, I knew I wanted something more for myself.
I wanted a program that didn’t just give me a food plan and send me off but actually helped me understand food and the reasons I struggle with it.

Keri has helped me not only with losing weight (I’m down 13 pounds so far!!) but has completely shifted my mindset about food. Keri always talks about food freedom and I’ll admit I never thought I would be able to achieve that but here I am enjoying all the benefits that come along with food freedom!!

I am so happy I took the leap and invested in myself and had Keri to help me every step of the way!

Lost 13 pounds
Senior Account Manager

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