The journey to self-love is our greatest adventure. It's our revolution.


Keri is the CEO & Founder of Elevate with Keri, an international elite transformation coaching platform for women and their whole-body wellness.

For over 12 years, Keri has been a CPT through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is also a Certified Weight Management Specialist and Certified Nutritionist.


Keri works with clients all over the world, and she has the perfect program for you. Whether you work with Keri 1:1 or join The Collective community, get ready to experience radical shifts.

Keri will lead you on a journey of self-love, while achieving real, lasting results.


Freedom, happiness and peace exist already within. Let's rise together to create a strong foundation rooted in self-love that doesn't chase a specific pants size or number on the scale.

See what Keri's clients are saying and the transformations they have experienced.

"I wanted to enjoy my fit journey with workouts that didn’t consist of constant cardio. The gym and working out was nothing new to me, but Keri's coaching pushed me to the next level!"
Erika J., Content Creator
Lost 18 pounds + over 14″ from her body!
"My main motivation in joining Keri's program was in preparation for my upcoming wedding. If someone told me then the changes I would see and feel in my body I wouldn’t have believed them. Keri has created a unique program that provides the individual attention needed as well as support. Words cannot describe how truly wonderful Keri is. Her workouts are fun and tough and the variety so you can continue to challenge yourself. She is spunky, inspirational, and knows how to help you get the results you want."
Karen A., Business Development Consultant
Lost nearly 15 pounds and 6″ from her entire body!
"Anyone struggling to find their place of hope, and their best selves, should join Keri's programs! “Keri's coaching is an amazing experience. Not only does Keri add a personal touch to everything she does, but it’s challenging and you see results."
Hannah Van Campen
Executive Recruiter
"I reached out to Keri and began a journey on her online program. Keri’s comprehensive program included nutritional guidance, workouts and general motivation that enabled me to transform my body. Since beginning the program, I have completed four 5k races, a Tough Mudder, and, eventually, a half marathon! Also, I am now a proud a NON-smoker. Without Keri's programs, and Keri, it would not have been possible for me to achieve my fitness and lifestyle goals.”
Desirae N., Registered Nurse
Lost over 15 pounds and almost 10″ in 9 weeks!
"Keri pushed me beyond my limits, while keeping in mind what I’m capable of. I felt my fittest during my time with Keri and still implement the steps and nutritional guidance she gave me."
Rahiel D.
Social Media Manager
"I wasn’t sure about how online fitness and nutrition coaching would be. I had worked with Keri in person for training and knew exactly what a dynamo she is. I was amazed to find out that her care and attention to detail that she applies in personal training came across in her online training. She answered every email and call immediately and was able to talk me out of many a tree. The added bonus of the online community of women working towards health and fitness really helped the process."
Tracy McCubbin
Author of "Making Space, Clutter Free" + CEO of dClutterfly

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