Untapped potential is like driving a race car down the track at half speed.


It was 2014, and I had just had my first baby. I considered going back to corporate where I had a lot of success on paper, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling of knowing that I was meant for so much more.

At the time, I didn’t know what “more” really looked or felt like, but I knew that it wasn’t my current reality. I think that was the most frustrating part: to have this deep inner knowing, but to also feel like there was this giant piece of the puzzle I was missing. It’s like when you’re trying to remember a movie or a name, and it’s on the tip-of-your-tongue, but you can’t seem put your finger on it.

Blindly searching your mind for an idea, a whisper, or a hint, yet coming up empty-handed.

So, despite your success on paper, you should feel happy, grateful and completely content – but the truth is… something is missing.

Ten years later…
I’m in a relationship with the man of my dreams. 
I’ve mastered a vision-led life that is profitable, purposeful and impact-driven.
I feel more aligned, and unapologetically myself, than ever before.

And now I work with multi-million dollar minds and brands who want to do the same.

We have 81 pages of testimonials, but here’s what some of these amazing women wanted to share with you.

Keri was ultimately the mentor I was unconsciously looking for years. And I ended up being lucky enough to attract her into my life in the most unexpected way. If you’re ready to do the deep work, that allows you to finally set yourself free, and become the leader that you were born to be, this is for you.
This is a safe space where nothing is off limits and where you have people willing to hold space for you without judgement, and allow you to uncover what’s been holding you back all of this time, that your ego has been so good at hiding.
In my experience, it’s not common to find programs that are so brilliantly designed in the way that Keri lays it out.


I love life inside the APEX Academy- being led by Keri, to learn how to lead myself well, while being witnessed by others and witnessing them is PRICELESS.

Truly. Keri has created something powerful in this space. The investment wasn’t an easy yes for me, despite the benefits of being able to tax deduct it, AND I can tell you the ROI continues to amaze me. The modules are gold, so it feels essential to go through those for integration.

Somatics is the answer, and I’m seeing so much progress in my business and personal life. It is the past, present, and future of leadership. Those who lead well and actually enjoy their lives are proficient in this work. APEX has helped me not just in my business but on a systemic level: in my marriage, friendships, and my beautiful transition to motherhood this year.

If you feel any pull that you need to understand more about how to regulate your nervous system to have, hold, and keep more with intention, grace, and enjoyment, please come join us. It’s an amazing group of people, and we’d love to welcome more people to this powerful space.


Mindset Educator, RN, ASCEND Wellness

Keri has supported me in so many things that I couldn’t possibly put them in a comment.
This container specifically has up-leveled my business, removed energy leaks in my personal life, allowed me not only to MAKE more money, but also KEEP more money, and to get so clear on what I truly want for my life.
10/10 recommend. RUN.
It’s honestly more expensive to NOT join this container.

Fitness Professional, Embodied Joy Wellness

Thank God for my coach and my group of amazing and supportive women… just the refresher I needed to reset!

Sent that to my friend just after our call and felt like if anyone should hear it should be all of you.

So truly thankful for your support and here for all of you to offer it back.


Real Estate Agent

You’re beyond the basics, and you don’t need another strategy.

Hey, I’m Keri Ford! Mom of two, founder, friend, CEO, investor, sister, former corporate leader, trauma-trained executive coach – I have a lot of different titles.

As women, we are multi-faceted which is why I take a dynamic approach to coaching inside the eco-system of powerful female founders and leaders.

Inside APEX, we just do things differently.

We’ll explore the depths of your identity, purpose, and true leadership potential through the potent mind-body connection.

In short: I’m ready to blow your fucking mind, and help you up level in ways you knew were possible, but had only dreamed of – in less than 6 months.

The Multi-Million Dollar Mindset Formula I Created:

Nervous System Mastery: Key to resilience, adaptability, and emotional intelligence in the fast-paced world. Vital skills for both business and life.

Embodiment: True leadership goes beyond words and actions. Somatic work naturally and authentically instills leadership qualities, visible and palpable to your team.

➌ Decision Making and Conflict Resolution: Somatic strategies equip you with tools for faster, aligned decision-making, conflict navigation, and team building.

Stress Management: Combat the havoc of stress on your mind and body with effective somatic practices. Stay grounded and focused amidst challenges.

Innovation and Creativity: A balanced nervous system fosters innovative thinking, creative problem-solving, and the realization of ambitious goals.

Imagine you could maximize your potential to live the life you know is meant for you…

You could live the kind of life that is:

✔ Enhanced with more joy and connection

✔ Aligned and unapologetically you

✔ Successful without sacrificing your family

✔ Impactful and purposeful 

✔ Expansive reaching beyond your current realized goals

This would allow you to: 

✔ Access a community of powerful, successful women

✔ Know exactly how to leverage your leadership archetype

✔ Build your dream life/career with deep passion and clarity 

✔ Move beyond the mind fuckery of your next level

✔ Transform your old belief systems into new 1% ones

As the CEO of a $50M enterprise, a mom of 2, a wife and the fact I was approaching my mid-40’s… I was frustrated that I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and I was asking myself the same 3 questions – 1) was I really happy?, 2) did I really enjoy what I was doing?, and 3) who was the real me?  Then I found Elevate with Keri

I found clarity, healing, and a bold reinforcement for me to be my authentic self.


CEO, Cenegenics

Keri does a lot of great somatic work so she marries practical advice with the emotional, spiritual and mindset limitations that we might struggle with, and how those things kind of come together. She made me feel really safe and seen.

Working with Keri was beyond my expectations. If you want someone who will hold you accountable, help you vision what’s possible and also curate a beautiful, fun and deep experience, you cannot go wrong with Keri Ford.


Creative Leadership Coach

Keri digs deep and she is one of the most genuine and loving coaches I’ve ever worked with but she is also not afraid to really push you to your limit.

Some of the work that we did, such as the somatic and inner child work, I know will impact me for years to come.

Through my coaching with her I’ve been able to start to build a business and life that I’m completely in love with while healing the wounds from my past so that I can step into my power.


Attorney, Destination Legal

I’ve completely redefined my relationship with everything and I’m elevating myself to the absolute next level in all ways…

And that’s thanks to her, her guidance, her coaching. She is phenomenal!


Divine Feminine Coach

Working with Keri has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. She has empowered me to face my unspoken fears and anxieties, while loving and trusting myself through the process.

In terms of tangible results:

• I paid off north of $30K in debt and healed money wounds and patterns than no longer served me
• I manifested a job offer + a raise
• I am at peace with mom situation and closer to God
• My husband and I bought our dream home!

Keri can intuitively see the unseen parts of her clients, and can guide you in bringing light and awareness to the parts of you that you may have forgotten.


Senior Executive

I felt there was a shift almost immediately after talking with Keri. Her calm confidence and compassionate understanding helped me embrace the season I was in.

Keri went out of her way to ensure that I felt safe in the environment of APEX so that I could discover my true authentic self without anything getting in the way of my progress as an entrepreneur.

Had I not intentionally made the choice to dive in with two feet I know I would still be stuck in my fears as I was 6 months ago not experiencing this newfound freedom within myself. What is possible for you?


Neurodivergent Coach

Here are some of our modules:

Module: Defining Leadership

  • NBecoming The 1% Woman™
  • NThe Gap: Why You Aren’t “There” Yet
  • NThe Role of Somatic Practices in Developing Leadership Skills
  • NThe Felt-Sense Experience (Part I)
  • NThe Felt-Sense Experience (Part II)

Module: Your Leadership Archetype™

  • NExploring the 8 Leadership Archetypes™
  • NFight Archetypes: The Controller & The Pusher
  • NFlight Archetypes: The Futurist & The Alarmist
  • NFreeze Archetypes: The Robot & The Victim
  • NFawn Archetypes: The People Pleaser & The Perfectionist

Module: Tangible Team-Building Tools

  • NIdentifying Your Team Journey™
  • NThe 10x2 Method for Company Culture & Values
  • NEvaluating Your Team
  • NPracticing The Art of Delegation
  • NConnecting to Your Needs & Asking for Support
  • NConsciously Communicating as a Leader

Module: Owning the F*cking Room

  • NBecoming an Authentic Leader
  • NLearning the Open Heart Walking Meditation™
  • NRecording 3 New Somatic Success® Strategies
  • NMastering Dual Awareness


Who is the APEX for?
APEX is for vision-led female founders and executives. This is for you if you are ready to maximize your potential, master your leadership (at even higher levels), and transform into the 1% woman. Through a blend of somatic strategies and high performance coaching, this program is designed to help you amplify your impact with more alignment and authenticity than ever before.
I have a business coach. Is this a business program?
This is not a business program, this is an transformational leadership program that often compliments strategy-focused coaching you might already be receiving.

Inside this program, we’ll take a deep dive into identifying your upper limits and help you rewire your internal belief system to create the external life you actually want.

We spend more time doing nervous system work, than we do business strategy.

What is the time commitment?
APEX hosts live coaching calls every Wednesday at 2:30pm EST for one hour each week. Calls will be recorded and uploaded into your member’s portal where you will always have access to the replays in the Academy Archives.

In order to receive your Somatic Success® Certification there is a 16-week commitment to consistently being able to show up for live coaching calls where attendance is taken, as well as a checklist of other markers.

Overall, you can expect a 2 hour weekly commitment if you include weekly coaching, module content, and self-reflective worksheets.

What does "somatic" mean?
“Somatic” refers to the body-oriented approach Keri uses to help the modern-day successful woman, just like you, assess where they are “stuck” in the fight, flight, freeze, or fawn responses as a result of stored trauma or chronic, acute stress.

This type of normalized and ongoing stress is all most working women have known and has played the main role in how they have created their outward success. Unfortunately, this continued feedback loop can impair their ability to experience resilience and ease, and robs them of being fully present in the here-and-now.

Using Bottom Up Processing provides support to resolve and restore connection to the authentic Self through nervous system regulation, relaxation, wholeness, and aliveness. Keri’s approach is the multidisciplinary integration of stress physiology, biology, neuroscience, meditation, and holistic healing practices.

What should I do to prepare?
I know your time is valuable, which is why I don’t want to waste it.

In order to get the MOST from APEX, plan to attend the weekly LIVE coaching calls.

Calls will be recorded so you can ALWAYS catch the replays, but the real-time energy and opportunity to be coached by Keri will be unmatched when you attend live.

Please also plan to attend LIVE from a quiet space where you can be fully present without distractions due to the interactive nature of coaching calls.

What is the Somatic Success® Certification?
We invite you to meet our Standard of Excellence by completing the entire program and receiving your certificate of completion.

We also love celebrating elevated and regulated leaders!

Somatic Success® is a trademarked term with proprietary frameworks, such as the Anxious Achiever Archetypes™ developed by Keri Ford and may not be used in your business, private practice, or for distribution.

The APEX Leadership Mastery Academy is an interpersonal leadership development program, and does not offer a trauma-informed practitioner certification.

What's included inside APEX?
When you join APEX, you will receive:
Immediate access to your membership portal which includes 8 modules with nearly 10 hours of training, bonus content, and more than 49 self-reflection worksheets that compliment the curriculum.

Access to weekly live coaching with Keri and other guest experts. You can join the weekly calls AND binge-watch the growing Academy Archive of recorded coaching calls.

Exclusive access to the Facebook network where you can connect with other members to celebrate or receive additional support.

Somatic Success® Certification which can be earned in 16 weeks. This is optional and can be earned as a certificate of completion at any point in the program.

Will I receive 1:1 access to Keri?
No. This is a group coaching format. You will have the opportunity to be coached by Keri in the weekly live calls.

Once inside APEX, however, you can book Keri for 45-minute coaching sessions once a month at a special members’ rate.

What is the investment?
12 month option: You pay $10k upfront for access to APEX if you pay in full, or you can do 12 payments of $999.

6 month option: You pay $5k upfront for access to APEX if you pay in full, or you can do 6 payments of $999.

You can renew at an alumni rate.

My company is covering the investment, now what?
Whether you work for yourself and this is a business write off, or you work for someone else and they would like to cover the cost, those specifics are entirely between you and your employer.

We are happy to provide a receipt with company letterhead as proof of purchase once you are paid-in-full, or proof you have completed the program for reimbursement purposes.

We do not negotiate on behalf of you or your company, and are not responsible for any potential miscommunications between you and your employer.

Do you offer refunds?
NO. Due to the nature of digital delivery of content, video modules, and real-time coaching, we do not offer refunds.

Once the program starts, you have immediate access to ALL assets and for this reason, we do not offer refunds.

Our job is to make sure you know, very clearly, what it is you are purchasing and how the program will be formatted.

Offering refunds on programs would be like purchasing a book, deciding you didn’t like it (or not applying the teachings), and then asking for a refund after you read it.

How we support you in receiving the most value from APEX: We track your progress in the membership portal dashboard, as well as take attendance on the weekly live coaching calls with Keri, or our other Guest Experts.

In order to receive the most value from APEX, completing the modules and attending weekly coaching calls are strongly recommended.

Modules include videos, downloadable worksheets, and other “work with you” exercises.

You will also have access to the archive of recorded coaching calls where you can watch the replays and receive even more support.

Live coaching is offered weekly for even more support and custom coaching. You will submit a request to be coached so we can plan our calls accordingly!

Is there a payment plan option?
YES. There are 3 options.

Option 1: Monthly payments of $999 hosted via Elevate with Keri

Why our clients love this option: For the same cost, and no line of credit, you get to make monthly installments instead of paying the entire investment up front. We take on some level of risk with this so the all-in investment is either $6k or $12k (instead of the $5k or $10k pay in full, depending on the 6 or 12 month options). Late fees will apply for any late payments.

Option 2: PayPal 0% Credit. This is a 6-month line of credit, with 0% interest. This option does pull your credit when you apply here (if you live outside of the USA, please email hello@elevatewithkeri.com for the link) to see your approval amount.

Why our clients love this option: They can pay now or over time. No interest will be charged on the purchase if you pay it off in full within 6 months.

Option 3: Third-party funding. This option does a SOFT pull of your credit when you apply here. Apply for the amount of $10,300 (12 month option) or $5,150 (6 month option) which includes the 3% fee for the service.

Why our clients love this option: Payments are spread out over a longer period of time. Clients can keep cash flow high by having low monthly installments (possibly as low as $150-200/month)

What’s included:

Immediate access to your membership portal which includes 8 modules.
Access to weekly LIVE coaching with Keri. Receive real-time coaching every Wednesday at 2:30pm EST or watch the replay in the growing Academy Archives.
Exclusive access to the Facebook network where you can connect with other successful women eager to celebrate you.
Quarterly Guest Experts who provide bonus trainings and experiential workshops such as breathwork, voice activation, and enneagram neuroscience.
I decided to work with Keri because I was at a point in my life where I felt like I should’ve been much further along with my goals as though I was sitting on the side lines watching as everyone else got to live out the life that I always dreamed of having. I felt stuck for a long time repeating the same unhealthy patterns over and over unclear as to why the things I was trying hadn’t helped me move forward towards my goals.

I believe her guidance and genuine, loving support through this time of my life was exactly what I needed to help me start to imagine and create a more elevated life for myself!

I became more empowered, no longer willing to accept anything less than the best without feeling guilty about it.


Project Engineer

RUN to that enrollment link right now!

I’ve been in the program 7 months and the level ups as a whole human I’ve experienced. Much gratitude, Keri!

Also… business owners something to think about enrolling in this is a TAX DEDUCTION!


President, Journey to Financial Freedom

If you are looking for a great coach who isn’t afraid of calling out your BS, who cares about your results, cheers you on, and embodies a true CEO – I cannot recommend Keri enough.

Author & Cantonese Service Pastor

I found the deep inner healing work I needed to repair my relationship with myself to skyrocket me into my successful future.

Fitness Professional


First payment is not due until after interview and upon acceptance.
Need a payment plan for as little as $150/month? We can help.

After you submit your application:

1. If you’re selected based on your submitted application, we’ll get you scheduled ASAP for an interview with someone on our team. This is to ensure it’s a vibe, both ways.

2. Assuming it’s a perfect fit – you’re in! Our team member will complete your on-boarding process on the call which includes our contracted terms of agreement and tuition payment due upon acceptance. You may also enroll in one of our payment plan options.

3. Celebrate!