12 Month Millionaire Mentorship with Keri Ford

Ready to elevate your consciousness and create your next level identity shift? This holistic experience with 1:1 access to Keri includes being coached up into authentic leadership, recalibrating your current reality and shattering any self-imposed glass ceilings so you so you can live a life you love. Apply to be considered.



Millionaire Mind$et Membership

Weekly guided meditations written and recorded by Keri Ford. It’s just like having Keri in your ear to personally coach you into elevated states of consciousness with an increased energetic capacity to hold more abundance even faster because of your ability to receive.

In 25 minutes or less, you will reprogram your mind and body so that you can receive more wealth and abundance


Retreat Experiences & Inner Circle Program

The #1 luxury experience and 12 month ascension journey for The 1% Woman, Co-Created by Keri Ford and Lauren Zoeller. Travel to exotic locations around the world and establish deep connections with other high performance women in the sisterhood looking to live a rich life in Leadership, Love, Longevity, and Legacy.