with Somatic Success™ Coach Keri Ford

Discover the Way of The 1% Woman…

How to transcend stress and have exponential success in less time and with more ease

3 Days.
3 Live Trainings.
Free Workbook.

Ready to stop feeling like you are at MAX CAPACITY so you can EXPAND success?

The last time we did a live training, more than 130 women registered.

You in?

In this 3-day training

We’re going to dive into…

  • $You’ll discover the way of The 1% Woman
  • How to transcend stress & level up your leadership
  • $I’ll show you the exact process for expanding your capacity 
  • $Feel calm and self-assured with your leadership ability
  • $How to collapse time so you can hold more, have more, keep more
  • $How your current approach to success is leaving you unfulfilled, unsatisfied, and always seeking more
  • The psychosomatic Achiever Anxiety™ Loop & how it MAXES you out limiting your capacity, leaving you feeling tapped out & tuned out 
  • $The top techniques for expanding Max Capacity for you & your team 
  • $Exactly how to create more time and energy so you can do more of what you want
  • $My signature 3-phase method for taking you from awareness to accelerated action
  • And so much more.

You will achieve Somatic Success™ using my signature 3-phase method:






Accelerated Action

Real results

By the end of this 3-day training, you will have your own Somatic Success™ blueprint.

You will also:
Identify the Achiever Identity that holds you back from exponential success

Know exactly how to create more time and energy in your life

Uncouple old stress imprints and install NEW success imprints of how you want to do life

Take accelerated action to the new imprints to design your life in a way that aligns with the behaviors, identities, and outcomes you desire

    What Clients Are Saying

    Kristy B. who said,”I found clarity, healing and a bold reinforcement for me to be my authentic self.”

    Morgan H. who said, “I found the deep inner healing work I needed to repair my relationship with myself to skyrocket me into my successful future.”

    Emily F. who said, “I’ve completely redefined my relationship with everything and I’m elevating myself to the absolute next level in all ways… And that’s thanks to Keri.”

    Sara D. who said, “I feel more confident and aligned when it comes to who I am, and what I’m capable of, than I EVER have in my entire life.”

    Megan W. who said, “I became more empowered, no longer willing to accept anything less than the best without feeling guilty about it.”

    Hannah K. who said, “Keri has helped me to connect with myself and figure out who I am and what I want and what my life’s purpose is.”

    Sarah W. who said, “Keri digs deep and she is one of the most genuine and loving coaches I’ve ever worked with but she is also not afraid to really push you to your limit.”

    Mari R. who said, “Working with Keri was beyond my expectations. If you want someone who will hold you accountable, help you vision what’s possible and also curate a beautiful, fun and deep experience, you cannot go wrong with Keri Ford.”

    Karen A. who said, “Working with Keri has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve given myself. She has empowered me to face my unspoken fears and anxieties, while loving and trusting myself through the process.” 

    Meet Your Coach Keri

    KERI FORD is the CEO & Founder of Elevate with Keri – an elite transformational coaching movement and luxury brand dedicated to serving and elevating women’s emotional intelligence and whole-body high performance.

    Over the last 14 years, her unique online influence and programs have transformed the lives of thousands of women across the globe.

    She is an international motivational speaker, author, event host, and global authority on women’s wellness. She has spoken alongside 50 other top industry experts, neuroscientists, doctors, and authors in the personal development industry.

    Keri is a Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and Certified Nutritionist (CN).

    She also has advanced training as a Behavior Change Specialist (BCS), was awarded by IFAH as one of the Top 100 Global Visionaries, and is a Trauma & Somatics graduate while currently enrolled in the 4-year Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) Program.

    what’s included?


    Hands-on 3-day training event to help you go from stressed to superhuman


    Private, pop-up Facebook group during the event


    Your Somatic Success™ Blueprint


    Real-time somatic coaching to collapse timelines


    Practices for expanding your capacity


    Self-Healing Tools for Somatic Success™


    An Invitation to go deeper could be offered for continued exponential expansion.

    While Keri cannot change your entire life in just a few days, her intention for the UNMADE Live Event is to be a heart-opening catalyst to your greatest self. Maybe this experience will feel complete to you, but if you would like to have someone walk the path with you, and continue the community connection, Keri won’t leave you high and dry.

    If you’d like to work with Keri further after the experience, Keri is happy to discuss what’s next, and she may personally decide to invite you into the next evolution.


    Will there be a refund or opportunity to apply the investment toward another offering if I am unable to attend?

    Unfortunately, no. Live events require a deeper level of commitment both on our part, and on yours, in order to accommodate each and every participant.

    Are travel expenses, such as hotel, transportation and airfare, included in the event?
    International & domestic airfare, possible required COVID testing, travel insurance (recommended), and spa treatments are not included in the total investment of the live event.
    Will alcohol be included?
    Due to the immersive nature, this is a dry event.
    Is there a payment plan?
    The live event is $5k pay in full, however you can request a third-party funding option for a small additional 3% fee and flexible payment plan.