Alignment Assessment Process

Alignment Assessment Form

Congratulations on choosing you! I am honored to be with you on your journey and I can’t wait to see the breakthroughs you will experience.

The purpose of the Alignment Assessment Process is to provide my team and I with additional information about you, your medical history and to get a really clear snapshot of your health and mindset.

This form includes about 60 questions (some are simple, and some are open-ended) and may take a generous amount of your time to complete so make sure you can commit to finishing once you begin.

Name, Phone Number, Relationship
i.e. Gym daily (1-2 rest days max), eat poorly when stressed of crunched for time, distractions, electronics & social media, when I've worked a ton I feel like being a homebody vs being out and about with my family, poor preparation for meetings when busy, lack patience with traffic, too critical, etc.
Describe how it is affecting your life also. (At least 100 words please) Example: “Anxiety because it keeps me from focusing on my work, making money, keeps me up at night and stops me from being present with my friends and family, etc.”
Please describe in positive terms so I can include all of the wonderful detail you include here in your personalised recording so it speaks directly to your subconscious the best possible. Be specific, the words and phrases you share are essential to the new beliefs you create. How would it impact your work? Your relationships? Your health? Your finances? Be as descriptive as possible.
(i.e. committed, courageous, self-integral, responsible, powerful, bold, etc.)
Don’t hold back! (Please be as detailed as possible with your answer.)

For this section, please fill in the blanks for the following Core Belief Audit Prompts...

Please write the names of 3 people (and their email address or phone number ) who might benefit from having a conversation with me.

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