Healthy Love, Coping with Big Emotions, & Is My Body Stuck in Freeze? [ Q&A ]

by | Jan 16, 2024

Hosted by Keri Ford

Somatic experiencing helps people deal with stuck emotions in the body. It also helps release these emotions by using mind-body techniques. These somatic techniques, also called somatic strategies, can be applied to different areas of life and can answer different questions we deal with daily. If this is a concept you would be interested in learning more about, this episode is for you!

Keri answers a few questions about romantic relationships, coping with big emotions, and overcoming a freeze state, all from a somatic point of view. Past experiences can be responsible for how the body behaves in certain situations, and it has all to do with trauma. We also know that the best way to calm the nervous system is to ground ourselves and practice stillness, but are we doing it enough? Tune in!

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