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Meditation has been proven to change your brain.

Instant access to 85+ guided meditations!

“Your mind must arrive at your destination before your life does.”

Gain the exact steps that you need to unlock new levels and access greater abundance just like…

⮕ Heidi finally had the breakthrough she was looking for and created an entirely new revenue stream that generated more than $100k in a single month!

⮕ Karen powerfully owned her voice and enrolled her company in rewriting the corporate policy to pay her $12k+ sales commission while on maternity leave.

⮕ Kimberly elevated into her wealthiest, most powerful, self and had a $200k brand launch.

I have SO many other client success stories just like these…

Most coaching programs support you on a surface level by only addressing your behaviors but not the beliefs driving those behaviors. This never works long-term.

This is where the MILLIONAIRE MINDSET is different.

We know that if you want to rapidly elevate to the next level, you must ultimately elevate your beliefs so that you can break through the inherent resistance that comes with every NEW level.


Our meditations guide you into creating new empowered beliefs and elevated states of consciousness in alignment with your next level so that you can experience even greater success.

It’s just like having me in your ear to personally coach you.

“Thoughts become things. If you see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand.”

– Bob Proctor 

See What MMM Clients Are Saying!

Unlock more than 85 powerful guided meditations inside!


  • Abundance Activation
  • Ready for Richness
  • Expanding Your Wealth Consciousness
  • Attracting More Abundance
  • 5 Minute Faily Abundance Activation for Increased Wealth
  • 13 Minutes to Connect to the Currency of Energy
  • Clear the Way to Receive More
  • Becoming Your 8-Figure Self


  • Daily Wealth Affirmations
  • New Year Affirmations for Decluttering and Making Space
  • Affirmations for Making Powerful Decisions
  • Affirmations to Create More Money
  • 17 Affirmations for Fulfillment and Wealth
  • Affirmations for When Your Feel Lost


      • Relax Into Richness
      • How to Stay Present
      • Proof Your Thoughts Matter
      • 11-Minute Guided Power Meditation
      • 15-Minute Morning Meditation to Reduce Anxiety
      • Positive Possibility and Productivity
      • Release Negative Energy and Increase Peace


      • 5 Year Possibilities
      • Your Wealthiest Self
      • 13 Minutes to Having Everything You’ve Ever Dreamed of
      • Claiming The Empowered Woman
      • Your Dreams Are Not Too Big
      • The Practice of Holding More
      • Reclaiming Your Power
      • How to Unblock Your Blessings
      • Connect to Your 10-Year Vision

      …. & more inside!

      An Excerpt From "The Practice of Holding More"

      by Keri Ford | Access the FULL 12 minute meditation inside the Millionaire Mindset


      Can I listen to a meditation before I join?

      Yes! You can listen with our Complimentary 7-Day Pass!

      To verify your identity and prevent duplicates in the system, we may request your credit card information, which will only be charged if you decide to continue using the service after the 7-day trial period.

      How does it work?

      You join for a one-time payment of $222 and unlock more than 60 powerful, guided meditations once you receive your login information.

      While we recommend listening to the meditations in the order they were recorded, you can listen to them at any cadence, frequency, and order you prefer.

      We found that the students who experienced the most benefits were the students who used the meditations 3-5x per week and went back to listen to their favorites over and over again.

      Who are these meditations for?

      These meditations are specifically designed for female thought leaders and women in business because we know that they face different challenges, responsibilities, and growth, as women in leadership.

      This is also why the meditations focus on 4 unique categories:

      • Achieving exponential growth without resistance
      • Fast-tracking manifesting your next level
      • Reducing anxiety and fear
      • Instilling new aligned affirmations & beliefs for increased productivity
      Why are the meditations 25 minutes or less?

      We know you’re busy and we want to help you create, and sustain, a successful daily meditation practice for you through frequency (number of times you meditate per week) over length of time (how long you meditate per session).

      Learning how to take time for yourself each day requires repetition, as does the practice of learning to listen and observe your thoughts rather than getting velcroed into the noise of the mind.

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