Playboy & Plastic Surgery [ My Explant Journey, Part 3 ]

by | Oct 17, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford

If you are navigating self-image issues, health issues, or new seasons of life, this episode is for you. Have you ever felt like your self-value and self-worth are based on looks? It’s a common idea that women of all ages, and for decades, learned to see as the truth. This external validation (from men, society, and other women sometimes)gives women a false sense of importance when we all know that what is actually important is how we see ourselves.

Keri talks more about this whole concept in this episode. She also shares more about her explant journey, how the implants have been affecting her health, and why she thinks she will be a different woman after the procedure. Keri also dives deep into topics like femininity, aging, and the roles generally associated with women and girls

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