Be A Bad Girl

by | Oct 18, 2022

Hosted by Keri Ford

Do you find yourself always trying to do everything “by the book”—to stay an inoffensive people-pleaser, and to always go out of your way to be obedient and modest? In other words, have you spent your life trying to be the “good girl”?

Your host, Keri Ford, challenges us to shake up that ideal—to ask ourselves, perhaps for the first time in our life: ”Who am I doing it all for?”.

According to Keri, we can only be free once we throw away all of these societal pressures telling us to live life as a “good girl”. She invites us to see the world in a new way, beyond the boxes we’ve created for ourselves, and to give ourselves permission to be naughty, to be rebellious—to be the bad girl.

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