Didn’t Go As Planned

by | Dec 27, 2022

Hosted by Keri Ford

By reflecting on this year and preparing for the next, Keri acknowledges that several things did not go as planned in 2022. For starters, her partner experienced a traumatic brain injury that shook up their world. There was so much that came along with that, and Keri was not prepared, but everything comes with a learning opportunity. Along with that scary and unpredictable experience, Keri went through a painful partnership breakup that came with a lot of learning and growing but eventually was for the best. Add on a child’s birthday party gone wrong, and completely shifting her coaching from intuitive eating to leadership, and this year definitely did not go as planned.

Planning and goal setting are essential, but it is also important to know that sometimes things don’t work out as we imagined. Being adaptable and taking each experience as a learning experience is part of being a 1% woman. So much in Keri’s life has been rearranged this year, and the learning experience has been challenging, yet invited her to higher levels of leadership of herself and taught her what she wants to create in the world. We don’t subscribe to the “New Year New Me” BS around here, but the idea of cycles ending and new ones beginning is exciting and an opportunity for reflection and reset. Let’s step into 2023 making first-class moves together.

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