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by | Mar 26, 2024

Hosted by Keri Ford

The Leadership Redefined Experience is finally happening this week! The event goes from March 25th – April 2nd, and we are now on the second day at the time this episode airs. This event is for women who need to fall back in love with leadership or want to learn more about being a leader. The event will also approach relevant topics like mental health, somatic practices, how to make higher-level decisions, and how to regulate the nervous system.

If you feel like you’re tired of supporting others (your friends, family, co-workers), want to be seen and heard, and want to create deep conversations with like-minded successful women, this event is for you. Tune in to learn more!

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• Cenegenics is the leader in the performance health age management industry and has helped over 49,000 executives reduce stress and optimize body composition to achieve peak cognitive, physical and metabolic health. Claim your exclusive COMPLIMENTARY 10 Minute Consultation: https://try.cenegenics.com/keriford/

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