Healing from Silicone, Getting a Nerve Block, & What to Do Instead of Implants [ My Explant Journey, Q&A ]

by | Nov 7, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford

In this episode of Literally First Class, Keri answers a few questions she has received on social media about her explant surgery. If you are considering doing the surgery and still have doubts about the whole process, this episode is for you. Keri talks about how she got to choose a doctor, details about the post-operation process, the medications she has taken, and how she is feeling after the procedure

Keri also decided to provide a resource for women going through the same situation. You can find the link to get it for free below!

Episode Resources:

Want my exact Breast Explant Release Ceremony? I found limited resources for breast explant patients for somatic and spiritual healing, so I made my own. Fill in your details here and I’ll send you this resource FREE!

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