Day of Surgery [ My Explant Journey, Part 4 

by | Oct 31, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford

In this episode of Literally First Class Podcast, Keri shares in detail more about her explant surgery. First and foremost, the level of trust in the doctor and his reputation were crucial factors for Keri to work with him. Keri explained that she felt heard and seen by this professional and that he asked several important questions that helped ease her mind.

Keri also shares how she prepared for the surgery, how the post-operation process was, and how she felt both physically and mentally after the procedure. After this important and very long journey of acknowledging she needed the surgery, making the first appointment, doing the operation, and navigating all these steps, Keri decided to put up some resources for women going through the same situation. You can find the link to get them for free below!

Episode Resources:

Want my exact Breast Explant Release Ceremony? I found limited resources for breast explant patients for somatic and spiritual healing, so I made my own. Fill in your details here and I’ll send you this resource FREE!

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