Is Fear of Success a Real Thing?

by | Jun 27, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford

In this new episode of Literally First Class, Keri speaks about the idea of being afraid of success. It might be odd, but many people-especially women working as entrepreneurs fear achieving a certain level of success, which is ironic because success was what drove them in the first place. Thinking your dreams are too big is the first step to stop dreaming.

Keri also makes a connection between having success career-wise and having success in relationships. Sometimes women discount themselves and unintentionally sabotage themselves because they are scared they will outgrow their partners. Couples should grow and evolve together, one encouraging the other.

If you see yourself in such a situation, inspire your partner to go all in and dream big. The more self-expressed and authentic you become, the more you influence others to do the same. And you will start attracting your biggest and oldest dreams.

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