Lessons From Taylor Swift

by | Aug 15, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford

Did you know that Taylor Swift has a lot to teach about entrepreneurship? In this episode, Keri shares her experience watchingTaylor’smost recent documentary ‘MissAmericana’ and the many lessons she took from it. While she is a famous singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift says in the film that she wishes there wasn’t a better version of herself yet to be discovered, which is a common thought for modern entrepreneurs, if you think about it.

We all have visions and goals for what we want, and it’s ok to keep having them. But sometimes success can leave us hungry for more in an endless cycle, so when is it enough? It’s always important to never settle for less, but it’s also fundamental to recognize where we are right now, what we have accomplished so far, and where our vision has led us to this point. Tune in!

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