Making Empowered Investments and Decisions

by | Feb 28, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford


There is no shortage of people sharing their opinions, whether that is in online reviews, on social media, or just word of mouth. In the era of cancel culture, everyone has something to say about something, and it is easy to let the opinions of others have an impact on the decisions we make. In this episode, Keri shares a personal experience of her own in which she debated whether or not to join a coaching program that had a lot of “not-so-great” reviews. Overall, Keri realized that she gets to make her own decisions and that when we allow the opinions of others to dictate our decisions, we give our power away and may miss out on something really great.

People’s experiences are based on their lived perceptions, not necessarily reality or the facts. Once you understand the nervous system and trauma work you realize everyone is having a valid experience according to their body and their experience, but that doesn’t mean it has to be the same experience that you have. People can go through the same event, yet recall vastly different experiences, but who is to say what the truth even is?

Due to human nature, we all want to belong so we may find ourselves taking on the opinions and experiences of others instead of choosing to find out something for ourselves. Keri walks you through some questions to ask yourself if you are trying to make a decision surrounding investing in yourself, or just any decisions you may feel conflicted about. When you make a decision to uplevel yourself, it can be scary but you just have to stay connected to your why, which will push away doubt, and you will eventually get what you came for.

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