Pop Up Party in First Class!

by | Oct 25, 2022

Hosted by Keri Ford

We hosted our first POP UP PARTY in First Class with surprise guests Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom Fraboni! Unexpected, fun, and conversational, we’re inviting you to crash this private jet party.

How tuned in are you to your body? Ever feel relaxed physically, only to realize that you are actually tensed up even when you are slouching over or in a relaxed position? Until we pay attention, we don’t even realize how much tension we hold in our bodies. For entrepreneurs, sitting in stillness is difficult, and working constantly and being stressed can become an addiction.

Our autonomic nervous system is composed of the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. During times of danger, our sympathetic nervous system prepares us for flight or fight, while our parasympathetic nervous system restores calm. The world we live in today is filled with stimuli that cause us to enter a sympathetic state, so being intentional about our consumption and our habits is super important.

This episode features Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom discussing how they activate their parasympathetic nervous system throughout the day and stay grounded. Even though Jen is busy as an entrepreneur and has to maintain a presence online on social media, she has found a way to be authentic and enjoy her day while promoting her business. Dr. Jen and Dr. Dom remind us how important it is to develop our own parasympathetic practices.

Many of us are guilty of jumping straight into our phones when we wake up, which can negatively impact our day. When we focus on something narrow like our phones, we enter a sympathetic state. We often find it hard to break free of our posture towards our phones. Getting our morning routines right can set us up for success, says Dr. Dom. Getting outside and looking at the horizon or doing something active outside is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. You can return to that calmer state through small exercises throughout the day after setting your state in the morning this way.

Although morning routines are a quick way to access the parasympathetic state, there are many short exercises throughout the day that can bring us there in as little as 30 seconds. Dr. Dom suggests that breathwork is a powerful practice that is easy to access at any time. The important thing to realize is that you can achieve a parasympathetic state without dedicating an hour of your morning to an intricate and complicated practice, and we can all add little things to our routines to maintain more calm.

Jen’s work is all about proactiveness and preventing problems to avoid being reactive. Jen is releasing her Release, Relieve, Reset challenge to help people regulate their nervous system and address underlying issues. The videos span 30 days and include 36 videos. Using her platform, they perform pelvic floor mobilization, full body mobility flows, breathwork, and soft tissue massage. Your overall health can be improved with just 10-15 minutes per day. Instead of providing temporary solutions to life’s stressors, this addresses root causes of stress.

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