Slowing Down To Speed Up

by | Mar 21, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford


When we see people go through significant transformations, it’s important to recognize the efforts that have gone into them. Keri works with many women who are already exceptional in their industry and possess knowledge about personal growth and self-improvement. When they choose to pursue an even better version of themselves and participate in somatic exercises with Keri, they often achieve remarkable and seemingly rigid outcomes. It’s important to acknowledge that these outcomes likely come from consistent work over time and different methods of working with Keri.

Becoming the person you want to be doesn’t happen quickly, and it often involves some grief and resistance. Everyone has their unique disposition and capacity, so it’s crucial to approach personal development with care and consideration and find a pace that suits you best. By doing so, you can set the stage for accelerating your progress and moving closer to embodying the person you aspire to be.

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