Stripping It All Away

by | Nov 14, 2022

Hosted by Keri Ford

This episode of Literally First Class features Keri discussing her UNMADE Retreat coming up March 23, 2023, reflecting on highlights from the last retreat, and describing who this retreat is designed to benefit.

Do you feel like you’re not where you need to be, yet from the outside, you look like you have it all together?

In spite of reaching high levels of accomplishment, it’s possible to feel unmotivated and exhausted, especially for women. UNMADE is for the high-performing, 1% woman who is ready to achieve internal success that is in line with the external success and abundance she has achieved. UNMADE will help you learn to create the time for pleasure and rest because when you’re relaxed, you can see and connect with your bigger vision.

Anxiety undoubtedly has served many high-performing women and allowed them to be decisive, but can we be both decisive and intentional?

It is okay to take action, but you should do so from a place of peace, centeredness, and grounding. Power and peace can be experienced simultaneously. At this retreat, you will learn how to practice more intentionality and slow down. The goal is to end the achiever anxiety, start being present, and achieve internal fulfillment.

You can expect realness, lots of laughter, a deeper understanding of yourself, and most importantly, guidance on how to implement everything you learned during the program into your daily life. Rather than just inspiring you, Keri makes sure you know how to keep the momentum and live differently afterward because she believes the real magic happens when you go home.

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