The Juice That’s Worth the Squeeze

by | Apr 7, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford


This episode of Literally First Class™ is a follow-up to the episode “Slow Down to Speed Up.”While the sentiment of this statement means well, in reality, we slow down, to speed up, to slow down again. Women often come to Keri and say that they want to do less and have more fulfillment in their lives. The goal is to slow down and learn to be planted where your feet are. Listen to the birds outside, sink your feet into the sand, and just be present in the moment.

Through somatic work, Keri has discovered that the magic is learning how to be relaxed and enjoy the beauty in the simple moments of life. We have so many things that pull us in different directions and demand our time and focus, but we don’t have enough slow moments that feel safe to relax and rest. In order to take off, we have to charge up, and we have to slow down to get clear and take action before taking quantum leaps. Growth doesn’t always have to look like forward motion. Growth can look like expansion and growing roots to be planted right where you are. Your next level of success doesn’t have to be reaching anywhere at all, but instead learning to be where your feet are planted.

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