This One Thing

by | Apr 25, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford

Have you ever had something on your to-do list for a really long time because you have just been avoiding doing it? Maybe it’s a task that is not even that hard, but you just aren’t excited to do it, so you continue to procrastinate. In this episode of Literally FirstClass, Keri offers a game-changing strategy that will help you to take action when you notice you have been avoiding something because inaction is still action, so how do you break through that mental barrier?

In Keri’s coaching, she encourages her clients to utilize an exercise called “The 5-Minute Commitment.” 5 minutes doesn’t sound so bad, right? Just commit to doing that one thing that you know you need to do for 5 minutes, then stop and assess. Do you feel in your flow? If so, keep going and you might realize that the one task you’ve been putting off isn’t so bad and might actually feel great when you get in your zone. Or maybe the opposite is true and you find that you really don’t want to keep going after 5 minutes, and then you can give yourself permission to stop.

Whether that task is making it to the gym, or working on something in your business, the hardest part is often just starting, so if you commit to 5 minutes, it may end up turning into something that becomes easy and automatic for you in the long run. We all have upper-level limits and moments of procrastination and fear and that causes mind drama, so we shut down. Instead of spending time thinking about doing something, just commit to 5 minutes and take action.

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