Feeling Flighty? 4 Ways to Move through This

by | Apr 9, 2024

Hosted by Keri Ford

Fight or flight response is a reaction that occurs when the body is under stress andperceives itself as in danger. The mind sees only two options: either fight the threat orflee from danger. In this episode of Literally First Class Podcast, Keri shares fourdifferent strategies to help you calm down your nervous system when you’re feelingoverwhelmed or anxious. The goal is to help you ground yourself and make the bestdecision in stressful situations.

You can either stay still or take action, and thereare two ways for each option to helpyou make the best decision. Often, we find ourselves with too many tasks andresponsibilities, and it’s easy to feel stuck. This feeling of constant urgency can preventus from thinking clearly, which can make our day much harder. Tune in to learn moreabout these strategies and how to implement them in your daily life.

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