Quantum Leaps in Somatic Success™

by | Jan 17, 2023

Hosted by Keri Ford

Quantum leaps can happen very quickly when you do the work to get to know your nervous system, address your limiting beliefs, and understand how you respond to situations. High-performance anxiety might get you really far and help you reach big goals, but it will only get you to a certain point, and you will eventually realize it is no longer sustainable to operate this way. Operating out of achiever or high-performance anxiety will lead you to have difficulty in discerning the messages your body is giving you, which will hold you back from reaching massive magical goals that you are so capable and worthy of achieving.

With so many of Keri’s clients reaching truly amazing milestones both personally and professionally, Keri often gets asked how they are able to achieve these windfalls of success. The answer lies in doing the somatic work necessary to break through upper-level limits and limiting beliefs that would otherwise keep us in our perceived safe place and in our window of tolerance.

Getting in touch with our nervous system is crucial because it has one job that it knows how to do very well, and that is to keep us safe. The problem is, it can’t tell the difference between real or perceived threats, so they all feel the same in our body. This means our body will react the same way it would to being chased by a tiger as it would to getting on stage in front of hundreds of people. If we haven’t shifted our window of tolerance and shifted our identity to a woman that has what it is we want, we will continue to self-sabotage without even realizing it. By doing nervous system work and somatic work, you can have whatever it is success looks like to you, and Keri wants that for you.

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